Embraced By The Anti Self... punk, metal, hardcore

There was a time in the 90's when hardcore punk & vampires was a thing.


ink & dagger - drive this seven inch wooden dagger through my philadelphia heart 7"

1. the road to hell (0:00)
2. shadowtalker (3:36)
3. caretaker (5:59)
4. full circle (7:37)

1. The Fine Art Of Original Sin
2. Philapsychosis
3. We Live Despite Their Schemes
4. Cut Throat Tactics
5. The Six Feet Under Swindle
6. The History In Ecstasy
7. Vampire Fast Code Ver. 1.5
8. The Fine Art Of Original Sin (The GSF Resonant Mix)




Encroaching obscurity doesn't have to be real. Knee deep in the dead. Memories are valid when you give them space. I continue to breathe. 

I live.

The Swarm.

Today, I speak thy name.



1. Fucking Invincible at One A.M. 0:00
2. Blink 1:34
3. First Saved Message 3:14
4. Plague 5:33
5. God's Little Acre 7:02
6. X On Our Knees X 9:23
7. Upside Your Head 9:48
8. Willing Victim 11:16
9. Last Rites 12:49
10. Familiarity Breeds Contempt 13:48
11. Smooth Running Order 14:51
12. Monopolized Reality for the Maintenance of Order 16:14

01. Bleeding To Death/ 0:00
02. November First/ 02:12
03. Fuse/ 02:27 
04. 5.15.98/ 04:31
05. Absent From The Morning Headcount/ 04:49
06. Just Say "Go!"/ 06:47


I started my day today listening to the recent Blut Aus Nord lp.  Word? 

"Hallucinogen" lp, September 2019

1. Nomos Nebuleam (00:00)
2. Nebeleste (08:28 )
3. Sybelius (14:47)
4. Anthosmos (21:14)
5. Mahagma (28:35)
6. Haallucinählia (34:57)
7. Cosma Procyiris (41:50)


[Image: a1199731476_10.jpg]

Murdah dem! 


[Image: a2074578599_10.jpg]

White Ward - Odessa, Ukraine

"Love Exchange Failure" lp, September 2019

1. Love Exchange Failure (00:00)
2. Poisonous Flowers Of Violence (11:56)
3. Dead Heart Confession (20:08 )
4. Shelter (30:14)
5. No Cure For Pain (35:52)
6. Surfaces And Depths (48:19)
7. Uncanny Delusions (54:34)


[Image: a3449550015_10.jpg]

I listen to Orville Peck.

Panopticon sounds great acoustic.

Fuck, I really AM this moody.  #scorpio needs


[Image: a2882991109_10.jpg]

Deathwish Inc know what's up.

Frail Body - Rockford, IL

"A Brief Memoriam", November 2019

This is really good.  Xyxthumbs


[Image: a2056835776_10.jpg]



Nice to see NAH aka. Michul Kuun (Philly, PA) still kicking out the free form, percussive jams.

As an aside, many in the world might still be wondering - when is there going to be new 1994! joints??  Chin  I can only wish. 

NAH, "World' lp, October 2019 


I approve the big drum, noise, hip-hopish crossover that sir Kuun is laying down.


some bass Greenthumbu



00:25 Orange Cone Made No Noise
07:35 Today is Totally Crashing & Stunned in Bright Lights
18:00 what became (?): Forever, Like Anti-Oxidants (Listen to the Sound Our Cells Make)
28:40 Dance 'til Record Skips Like Passengers Shift on Takeoff

0:00 1. We Write Threnodies. We Write With Explosions
12:29 2. Today is Totally Crashing & Stunned in Bright Lights
22:40 3. Dance 'til Record Skips Like Passengers Shift on Take Off
32:05 4. Micah Gaugh Sings All Is All
35:09 5. Guitar Cabinet Stack Way High Is Freedom or Gravity Gives Us Rhythm
46:26 6. Piles of Blinkers Slip for New Years
48:44 7. Orange Cone Made No Noise

1.  "The Sky's the Gound, the Bombs Are Plants, and We're the Sun, Love"   
2.  "An Address That Was to Skip Ahead of the Gallop of Its Own Sperm and Eggs"   
3.  "Meet Me in the Space They Stare at Leaving Their Seat During a Show"   
4.  "It Takes a Million Years to Become Diamonds So Lets Just Burn Like Coal Until the  Sky's Black" 
5.  "The 1st Our Lady of Burning Thorns" 
6.  "O, When My Lady Comes"   
7.  "The 2nd Perpetuate the Beautiful"   
8.  "And Third and Youngest, Unnamed"   
9.  "Forever, Like Anti-Oxidants (Listen to the Sound Our Cells Make)"

It is really good to hear Storm and Stress today.

Already February into the new-ish year. I haven't been listening to too much within the realms as of late.  I listened to Harms Way the other week, and this release.


German kids doin some worthy, mathy screamo joints.

1. 夢 - 0:00
2. desolation, joy - 6:22
3. 11111 - 10:01
4. 胸騒ぎ - 12:16
5. Skins - 15:45


I'm sure Fiddlehead are happy that Ian Mackaye is releasing new music. 

Coriky. Dischord Records of course. 

lp dropping next month, March 2020



I saw Tommy Stinson play a Bash & Pop gig, opening for Mike Watt a couple summers ago.  Tommy Stinson is g.o.a.t in general, yet a bit annoying that a 53 yr old would still get drunk, goof off & play a show in a haze. I'm not much of a drinker, but doesn't the aging o.g, punk'n'roll guitarist act get a little dry?  

Still, regardless of his vice, as a song writer,Tommy Stinson all day tho.  Wink

There's a new Beach Slang lp via Bridge 9 Records. Business as usual, power pop, Replacements - isms, inflections & now full band collaborations with Stinson himself including a touching tribute to 80's, US power pop legend, Tommy Keene.  

Power pop.  Pop punk, April / May, 2020 European tour with Jawbreaker..  Beach Slang to the rescue! 

I'm a rather serious Replacements fan. I've been a Beach Slang fan from the start, by default I appreciate the continuum. I'm happy with the new lp. It is nice to hear some new songs. 

Thanks gents.


(21st January 2017, 23:45)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: Jesus Piece - Philly, PA


JESUS PIECE Slayer Slayer Slayer

Also one of the guitarists fucks with Source Direct tunes and Scientific Wax

^^  Nice.

I checked some of the Shade specific stuff - Code Orange dude, Eric Balderose production joints & collabs.  The past Spectre, Drumcorps collab make sense. 


1 - its almost forever... 0:00
2 - living. 3:26
3 - continue 4:48
4 - hardCoded 7:07
5 - threat model 10:36
6 - .dying 13:09
7 - real user 16:57
8 - mind go dead 21:40
9 - its almost forever(allover) 24:19
10 - .dying(inth3mud) 28:21
11 - X-X!V"Q 31:48

Code Orange have come a long way in a seemingly, short time span, with a clear focus on a very metalcore audience from day one.  Props on any and all success, for real.  Nominated for a past Grammy award too. Crazy huh?

Hardcore bands & electronics can still produce some interesting stuff, imo.  

New Code Orange, "Underneath" lp dropping pretty quick here, March 2020.  Looking forward to checking some new tunes.  


Set List:

My World - 0:48
3 Knives - 3:50
Spy - 6:15
Bleeding In The Blur - 9:50
The Mud - 15:12
The New Reality - 17:58
Kill The Creator - 20:00
Ugly - 22:45
The Hunt feat. Corey Taylor - 27:04
I Am King - 31:40
Forever - 34:55

NEW Wake (Calgary, AB, Canada) lp dropping next month as well.

"Devouring Ruin" lp, March 2020 

Thank you gents.  Yes


^^ So good.

Listen. Body Void provide some of my favorite heavy music for a bit now. 

Body Void, all day.  January 2020 split with Keeper (California).  Bigs!  

01 BODY VOID - Androgyne 0:00
02 KEEPER - Trial & Error 14:12
03 KEEPER - Twenty 24:28




Inner Monarch Awakened  0:00
The Horsemen Ride Out On Foaming Steeds  2:40
Tabernakelvisa - The Redeemer And The Secret  7:20
Death Closes The Gates Of Time And Opens Those Of Eternity  11:09
Invocation Of The Unseen  15:47
As King, As Queen - When Kingdom Collide  20:07
The Light Of The Lord And The Black Sun Behind The Sun  25:20
Where There Is Word There Is Enlightenment  31:36


props to NoTrust_Metalafisha youtube channel for the live vid.  Xyxthumbs

[Image: oVN5M6TBbi8-681x964.jpg]

00:16  Trapped in the Grasp of a Memory
3:51 Oldham County Intro???
4:42 All My Friends
8:43 Belleville
12:49 Oblivions Peak
17:42 And Still I Wander South
20:27 A Serpent's Touch
24:29 The Gospel
27:54 Mistakes Like Fractures
31:27 Deadringer
34:48 Billy No Mates
37:38 Counting Worms

0:20 conjure life
3:19 curse of the serpent
5:57 punish
8:47 neuroprison
12:13 workhorse
14:12 greed
17:52 lost control
19:23 sinking
24:07 oppressor


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