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A retrospective series of mixes by Muttley (http://www.kapsil.net/muttley / http://www.subvertcentral.com), recorded in 2005, before the first Muttley mix was uploaded online (Feb 06 Selection, on dnbshare). All about the tunes here.

I'm getting a few of these uploaded in one go and I'd actually be more interested in talking to you about the tunes personally than I would having you try and root around Discogs when there is so much great jungle/dnb being ignored now.

As such, "Kidzania" (the title is taken from a type of nursery exercise for children) is intended as study for teens getting into the sound - I recorded this series in 2005, when I was 17. No-one was playing sounds like this all in the same set in Kent back then where I was. So, I resorted to reclusive mixing until I reached a possible audience level.

The vinyl (the only format I could get most of this material on - pre-digital inclusivity proper) was recorded onto CD-Rs and mixed with a Gemini twin CD deck.


Tracklist for Pt. 1 (timestamped on MixCloud when each track comes in)

01. Kemal & Black Sun Empire - Stranded V1.0 (oBSEssions, 2005)
02. Resound - Circular Structure (Counter Intelligence, 2004)
03. Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance - Front Door (?)
04. Breakage - Rise (Bassbin, 2005)
05. ASC - Serenity (?, 2003)
06. High Contrast - Savoire Faire (Hospital, 2002)
07. ASC - Chrysalis [edit] (Camino Blue?)
08. Klute - Don't Wanna Be Alone (Commercial Suicide, 2005)
09. Silent Witness - Amazon (DNAudio, 2005)
10. Phace - Polymers (Subtitles, 2005)
11. Silver - Angry & Bitter (?, 2005)
12. Tactile - Spaced Out (Timeless, 2004)
13. Counterstrike - Phantasm (Moving Shadow, 2004)
14. Skitty - Fall Down (Renegade Hardware, 2004)
15. Klute - Rosemary (Commercial Suicide, 2005)
16/17. Ewun vs Counterstrike - Face The Zulu Warrior (Barcode / Moving Shadow, 2004)

Any feedback much appreciated.


Uploading Pt.2 now. Mixed by a great friend. May 2005. Gemini twin CD deck, Behringer DJX400 Mixer - it has a real crunchy, comb filter sound. Includes more straightforward styles, a great remix from 2005 by Photek, and my favourite dnb track of all time - "Skyscraper" by Thinktank. That comes at the end, and the mixing at the end is pseudo-deliberately ham-fisted, to give a sense of instability.

Tracklist for Pt. 2 (timestamped on MixCloud when each track comes in)

01. Spor - Haywire (Renegade Hardware, 2004)
02. Rregula - Wavemaker (Kinematic Mp3, 2004)
03. ID? - G-Step (Magna Karta remix) (?, 2004)
04. A-Sides - Everything (Mathematics remix) (Levitated, 2004)
05. Young Ax - January (Soundtrax, 2004)
06. Klute - Crosby (Commercial Suicide, 2004)
07. High Contrast - Make It Tonight (Hospital, 2002)
08. AI - Movin' On (V Recordings, 2005)
09. Hive - Krush (Metalheadz Platinum, 2005)
10. Jem - They (Photek remix) (?, 2004)
11. Unknown Error - Shadows (Renegade Hardware, 2004)
12. Thinktank - Skyscraper (Obscene, 2005)

Ah and there's a sneaky tease of "Hi Tek" by Mampi Swift in there too, one of his best tunes along wiith the classic "The One" and "Sleepwalker" with Blame from 2003.

Here's Pt. 2:


Kidzania 3, from a 2h mix, 1AM started, May 2005. This has the vibes I still like, even if it's raw mixed in parts. All about the tunes. It's the most mainstream of all Kidzania.

01. Dom And Roland - Parasite (Moving Shadow, 1999)
02. Calyx & Gridlok - Dead Ringer (Moving Shadow, 2004)
03. Dkay - The Martians Pt. 2 (?, 2005)
04. Calyx - Tearing Us Apart (Moving Shadow, 2004)
05. AI - Desperado (V Recordings, 2005)
06. High Contrast - Mermaid Scar (Hospital, 2002)
07. Abandon All Hope - Dusty Bass (Strictly Digital, 2003)
08. Hive - Against The Grain (Metalheadz, 2005)
09. Chase & Status - Love's Theme (?, 2004)
10. Klute - Saviour (Commercial Suicide, 2004)
11. Simon V - Journey's End (Santorin, 2004)
12. High Contrast - Lovesick (Hospital, 2002)
13. Klute - Don't Wanna Be Alone (Metalheadz, 2005)
14. London Elektricity - Spread Love (Nu:Tone Remix) (Hospital, 2004)
15. Psidream - Heartfelt (Levitated, 2004)
16. Future Prophecies - Dreadlock (Breakbeat Kaos, 2003)


Pt. 4 - Islander - just uploaded. 41 minutes, June 2005.


01. Kemal & Black Sun Empire - Stranded V1.0
02. Klute - 6 Days
03. Equinox - Don't Wanna Hurt You
04. Kapsil - Deliverance
05. Resound - Circular Structure (Paradox remix)
06. Seba & Lenk feat. Robert Manos - Captain Freak
07. Fracture & Neptune - The Ice Planet
08. Thinktank - Skyscraper
09. Calyx - Get Myself To You (tease)

Made by a good friend for a friend who was living the other side of the world at the time, CD sent out as the computers there weren't advanced enough.

dwarde on Facebook Wrote:Remember this Grin

Someone is listening to them Icon_yippee


01. Big Bud - Blu 4 U (Soundtrax)
02. Pariah - Rhode 2 Nowhere (Strictly Digital)
03. Break & Hydro - Immaculate (Quarantine)
04. Skitty - No Matter What They Say (Nu Directions)
05. Dkay & Verse - Off The Rails (Crunch)
06. Opius - Dog Tired (?)
07. Silver - Angry & Bitter (?)
08. Spor - Brickbeats (Barcode)
09. Loxy & BCUK - Clown Killa (Tech Freak)
10, Tactile - Spaced Out (Timeless)
11. Exile - The Devil's Chimney (Evol Intent)
12. Kemal & Black Sun Empire - Stranded V1.0 (OBSEssions)
13. Klute - Six Days (Commercial Suicide)
14. Equinox - Don't Wanna Hurt You (Bassbin)
15. Kapsil - Deliverance (Complex Logic)

Tunes over mixing. Once more a set that was pre-publishing time by almost a year online (Feb 2006) from the archives. There is only one more piece to Kidzania that I wish to publish and that's on CD in storage somewhere remote.

I hope aspiring DJs who enjoyed my more celebrated efforts will find inspiration in this more raw state of mix constructing. Smile

Listening to pt 2 again of my hifi. It's my fave dancefloor mix I've done. In fact, it's the only dancefloor mix I've done.

mixcloud is the worst hoster ever

You might not like it, but then I didn't 6 months ago either; until I found the flagging function lets you know what (old) tracks are playing, at what time, so in this context it works perfectly. Plus, I don't imagine many people would want downloads of these mixes.

But - if you do, send me a PM...

Muttley Wrote:Plus, I don't imagine many people would want downloads of these mixes.

But - if you do, send me a PM...

Hmm I don't know exactly how soundcloud works for an uploader but can't you set your mixes/tracks to be downloadable? Or is this en extra-feature?
Music critic for the Tally Ho

It's a feature across all SoundCloud accounts, but I'm not paying for a pro account, simple as that.

I am now, so expect all Kidzanis on SC when I have time.

Listening to Deliverance Mix. I uploaded that last about - ah, only 3 months ago. Now I've already got an inner zest to make another bpm mixset. Or something with a few beatmatched specials, as ever, with crossfader or volume enveloping. Thing is though, I'd have to dedicate a month or couple weeks to have decks set up in my studio again instead of under the bed. And I don't think about mixing many tunes these days that are dnb. We'll see, the itch is coming on again.

I did maker another Kidzania, it's just not uploaded to MixCloud. It's in Dropbox instead. Dedicated to David Bowie's creative memory.

Is anyone in dire need of any of these sets as Mp3 downloads?

not dire need, no, but put them up anyway Xyxthumbs

yes please some good tracklistings here.
beats are there to be broken http://musicindevon.org/

I forgot. Oops

But have a new upload to the series.


"A horse takes a dump on your show"


This is Kidzania 7. Once I find the remotely stored "Skyscraper" mix on my old Windows XP desktop PC (which I'm annoyingly having to advanced hack into) then I'll term that number 8, 9, or whatever.

This is a really good mix. I really like the mix between "Crowd Rocker" by EZ Rollers and Suv, and 60 Minute Man & DJ Touch.

I have 2 more (sometimes similar but always very different) Kidzania instalments to come besides those previously mentioned...

One starts with "Stranded V1.0" (sorry, I adore that tune so much, one of the best post Konflict era tunes, and I only remember "Roadblock" from Kemal and Rob Data anyway, except "The Beckoning / Messiah" 12', which everyone has heard on YouTube. K always thought Arcon 2 was a much better techstep project, also better than anything Optical ever produced).

The real gem on that mix is the lesser heard "Neo (Dom & Roland Remix)" which I still play on vinyl. It came out in 2006, off the back of the classic "Welcome To Violence LP" concept with Hive, Keaton, Echo & Gridlok. "Violent Sound" is on the other side. For me it's the best, if not the most affecting, version of Neo. "This, is a war..." Fittingly "Number Of The Beast" by Resonant Evil mixed.

The better find from the archives is a mix I thought was produced much earlier, always one I cherished, but was actually recorded to disc in 2010 and given to Annastay who recorded it with Muttley at me and my sister's bungalow. Includes "Tekno Bass" by Mistic and lesser known producers CLS & Wax - Smooth Out. Also the brilliant "Persistence Of Memory" from High Society LP by Lincoln Barrett.

...Prior to all of this I recorded 27 "Clangers Variations" which only Dinn Warde (Dwarde, Omni Music, Bangface alumni with Gand, ez) has in his catalogued hard drive. I did have them backed up, until 2006 anyway, when 3 months prior to moving to Oxford, my beautifully reliable (for 5 years) external hard drive short-circuited when I accidentally fatally reset its internal clock. Naturally you'd guess this would erase all data; it just wiped the internal memory that a average joe like me could not recover.

So Dwarde, if you still out there reading Subvert Central (you got me in under 18 at the time!) then I would love to know if you still have any of those 15 Minutes Of Fame-precluding mixes that were recorded around the time we worked on "Open Sesame" together (I wonder if I can salvage any audio of that? It was a quality tune. Hmm. Gotta get the hack on my old desktop PC Teef ).

Until upload time, comments appreciated on my tunes presented to you and lovingly mixed here, I don't bite!



Search: Muttley Messiah Kidzania

This is the first bridge section of the second Kidzania mixtape I uploaded to the series on MixCloud in the last few years. It is also one of the rawest, the reason I did not upload it earlier. There is something about this 45 minutes to an hour of sound. It is deep dance floor stuffs, but is earworm enough as a headphones only mix. Great for house parties. Stick this on in the kitchen while your closest friends and you are eating pizza together and dance about the room in funny positions. 

I could attempt a track list, but it is all a bit too continuous for one to index wise make sense. So I'll just say this includes Konflict, Phace, KOTP (Mampi Swift & Blame), Cytech, Psidream & Resound, London Elektricity, Seba & Paradox, etc, off the top of my head first time. It is a good listen all round. I hope you can enjoy it. The second hour of this continuous mix is Kidzania 2 - Parasite - Dreadlock.

I aim to get some more kidzanias uploaded from the archives in November k17. there are always a few kicking around on my hard drives. most of the work comes from wanting to have them listenable on portable computer phones. sometimes I get frustrated mixcloud is quite programmatically touchy in algorithm execution; at others I just forget and want to make new stuff. but the old mixes, which I have all but one (sacred, includes fake id and mercury by photek and teebee) are always good to listen to. there is always a wellspring of good new dubs I can download on juno and listen to on redeye as well. but i'm just all about the oldskool rinsage and keeping up with the drone scene, where I began and don't have to exert any of my energy towards. I listened to ambient and chillout in the nineties as soon as I was able to, and got into rave at the same time, as well as my mum and dad's old records like pere ubu and focus.

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