Do you Still Have Tape Decks?

that reminds me.. doing radio shows back in the day, still recording the mixes in the studio on tape decks. NOT REALIZING.. if your needles & cartridges aren't set up on the turntables all nice & snug, your sets will record in MONO!!! lol. Literallly recording all the sound in one channel.

WHICH MEANS.. your live broadcast was heard on public airwaves in one channel too!!!! shiiiiiit. or even if your mixer rca's aren't snug as well right. ha.

listening back to a couple of radio sets recorded on cassettes, with one channel recorded.. its harsh. ha. learning curves for sure. doh! BangheadRofl

** we should start a thread on what your first dj set up was.. no matter how ratchet, or ghetto it was. lol. I have stories... stories. heh.

as an aside, in my radio days, I would actually hear from enthusiasts who would record all their favourite radio shows on VHS tape. If you think about it now, back then, that was some smart rigging up to record sound on your VCR from your stereo receiver. some people never got past the hiss & pops you hear from cassette tapes, etc. vinyl ambience is an appeal to this day, whereas hiss & pops from cassettes was always a detriment to the sound, which was then eliminated on cd sound. which of course, brings the more recent difference of mp3 sound to physical means, etc.

we've heard it all thus far.

** which makes me think.. are the newest car models still being fitted with cd players?.. or is it all for digital media now? i suspect its the later. somebody somewhere anywhere, will still be rocking a car with a tape deck tho. heh.

firefinga Wrote:
MetaLX Wrote:Send em to a forum member willing to digitise them for you, work out some sort of deal. Wink

What kind of stuff you got in that old box? I'm curious.

Quite a mixed bag. Many DJ Mixes and Radio Shows, but also some John Peel shows I recorded. First mixtape I ever had from a friend in winter '93 (gabba and darkcore/early jungle). Several best-of Mixes mostly from late 90s to early 00s (techno, DnB), a few sets of a buddy of mine who hosted a big radio show over here. Some guest-mixes of well known DJ (well, back-in.the-day well known that is Hahaha) like Waxdoctor or Alec Empire.

Basically stuff from my late teen to early twen years and before the streaming era.

Well good grief you can't just toss those out! Digitise them, it's your duty to music history Grin

MetaLX Wrote:Well good grief you can't just toss those out! Digitise them, it's your duty to music history Grin

OK, put them all in a neat box, stored, plan to throw 'em away abandoned.

Digitising planned fro summer holidays.
Music critic for the Tally Ho

dude has a whole series of vids on his youtube channel on this project. 


yes but they're broken.
beats are there to be broken

I have 1 Technics tape deck which has not been hooked up in well over 15 years. It was a workhorse that recorded many of mixes in from 96-01 and then I invested in an M-Audio soundcard and everything changed...

Next time I move house I will look at hooking it back up and having a separate stereo system set up strictly for listening purposes. I wonder how all my cassettes sound from years and years in storage...

Not entirely related to tape decks, moreover tape machines, but did anyone else see Lamonte Young and Terry Riley being interviewed about "time lag accumulation" that occurs when two reels of not quite the same speed are played back to back?

I thought it was really interesting. Coincedentally, my second lucid dream of this morning involved reeling through the cobwebs connected to a golden scarab beetle, an Egyptian symbol of the Gods related to the cyclical nature of dream theory.

Food for thought.

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