SubVersion Stop 241: Lata's Favourite Muttley Mix (May 2005)

Some might remember I made a dedication mix to Subversive Mind's Lata (previously active on SC up to 2007, a good friend to this day), released through Phuturelabs, called "All Shall Be Well". The blogpost generated over 1,000 views by Summer 2012 and due to worry I decided to delete it because it seemed things were getting out of hand. But seeing her again recently and with the launch of the All Will Be Well record label, whether related or not, my spirit was soothed a bit. Through schizophrenia trusting I have decided to publish this mix that was actually the first set emailed in 3 parts to my sister in 2005, but through agency seems to have had the most affect on Lata in regards to how she puts up with me. The mix is a Drum & Bass mix, all tracks from 2003-2005, and weaves a theme that is still active in my thoughts through the narrative, personalities related, and the mood of the musics.

Blessings to a good friend, and I hipe Pt 7 of's Drip-Feed will excite you.

15 Minutes Of Fame Pt. 77 - Muttley - Forever Switched On

01. Teebee - Forever Lost (The Legacy LP, Subtitles, 2004)
02. Klute feat. Meecha - Silently (No-One's Listening Anymore, Commercial Suicide, 2004)
03. Keaton & Verse - White Crow (Crunch 12')
04. Artificial Intelligence - Switch On (Commercial Suicide 12', 2004)
05. Big Bud - Blu 4 U (Soundtrax, 2005)

15 Minutes Of Fame Pt. 78 - Muttley - Closer

06. Cyantific & Tactile - Love Without Sound (Hospital, 2003)
07. Blame - Closer (?, 2003)
08. Spor - Brickbeats (Barcode 12', 2005)
09. Loxy & BCUK - Clown Killa (Tech Freak, 2004)
10. Human Resource - Dominator (Raiden remix) (Renegade Hardware 12' picture disc, 2005)
11. Calyx - Get Myself To You (No Turning Back LP, Moving Shadow, 2005)

15 Minutes Of Fame Pt. 79 - Muttley - Pressure Point

12. Klute - Saviour (No-One's Listening Anymore LP, Commercial Suicide, 2004)
13. Dkay - Casali (? 12', 2004)
14. Psidream & Mechawarrior - Pressure Point (Barcode, 2003)
15. Dom & Gridlok - Moodswings (Dom And Roland Productions 12', 2005)
16. The Upbeats - Werewolf (Bad Company Presents Bad Taste CD, 2004)

Lata's first post on SubVersion reviewed by someone (maybe even Lata? if so, hello Wave) this afternoon.

Testing the frequencies in the lathe cutting of that "Moodswings" collaboration, playing the vinyl recording back etc etc, I remember completely destroyed the left tweeter on the first Alesis MKII Monitors I had. The good people at (dunno if they still do PC parts and audio equipment) kindly offered to replace them free of charge, providing that I could return them to the warehouse myself. Me and my good Dad went there back in 2004 or so and a new pair were collected the same day. I thought, "these monitors sound so friggin good, I need to keep a pair" - and I still have the second pair, 15 years on. ANd they still both work. Not bad for £250 stakeout price for both. I run both through a cable Y-splitter because I cannot plug one in (lack of a decent connector cable since the sprig bust). The second pair have a useful gain switch.

Bump for the mix anyway. "Moodswings" really encapsulated what we were feeling back then - and I love that piano section.

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