DJ Stretch Reinforced New Label Ako Beatz

Haven't found anything on here and possibly this isn't much newsworthy to people reading this thread (they might know of this already via other channels) but still Thread worthy I think -

DJ Stretch of Reinforced fame has set up a relatively new label (I think it's his anyways), namely "Ako Beatz"

Here are the beatcamp and discogs pages. Need to check out the sounds soon.
Music critic for the Tally Ho

the vinyl's already sold out Neutral

but I see he's got all the merchanise going Wink

Managed to bag this a few weeks ago

Listened to the online clips now and have to say - good stuff!
Music critic for the Tally Ho

vinyl is available again on bandcamp

DIB Wrote:vinyl is available again on bandcamp

Music critic for the Tally Ho

Thx 4 reminding me

I received the vinyl picture disk a couple of a days ago, it's wicked. The tunes are firing, it's a real nice 12". Really looking forward to the rest in the series :-)

sweet Mary, shipping rates are getting insane...

Mine and t-shirt arrived today Grin lovely stuff
beats are there to be broken

Bandcamp page is empty??

I believe they are now selling their music through their website:

Bandcamp were giving labels an open-ended option of using yhe bc technology to create their own sites. Maybe thats what Ako Beatz have done.

I was also wondering why they hadn't uploaded anything? Don't you think it is because of how Bandcamp charges users for its service? I contacted AKO and asked them if they will resume with Bandcamp or if that route is not an option anymore.

They only sell from their own site now.

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