what's keeping you sane right now?

Taking my meds on time.

As well, revisiting techy jumpup dnb in the vein of the Bristol Academy One Nation 8x Tape Pack of an all-nighter party I used to own, with quality MCing by Ragga Twins, Foxy, Eksman, Shabba, Det and Skibadee. I used to go to sleep on headphones to have a rave in my room.

One Nation still do events over 14 years on...


Mute watching Netflix. Just for the visuals, just for the visuals.

Adyashanti - Falling Into Grace.

prescription drugs
beats are there to be broken http://musicindevon.org/

Yes. Smile

So much good music coming out at the moment in the jungle, I've also got really in to dub techno. It's subtle progressions work their way in to my brain.
beats are there to be broken http://musicindevon.org/

(14th December 2015, 08:04)widzhit Wrote: Stand-up comedy and comedy in general. Music of course.
Also - alcohol.


Also, I don't mention family, 'cause sometimes it feels, they're adding up to insanity, rather than helping to cope with everyday madness.

Not having a television, and the nostalgia of playing old Super NES Squaresoft RPGs after work each day.

Knowing on Match Of The Day World Cup Group Lottery that England are in group G and playing Belgium for their final game, gives them a even chance I think. The other two teams are Panama and Tunisia.

Level 42 - It's Over

Morcheeba - Big Calm LP and Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy then Air - Moon Safari LP on my Dad's laptop speakers.

News that Miguel Cotto is finally retiring after 18 years pro career in boxing versus Sadan Ali, a respectable opponent.

Oh but most pleasing of all today is Warren's scheduling of 4 hours of live kickboxing from The Hague, Netherlands on Boxnation UK at from 715pm.

Hearing voices saying "I love you",

instead of

"Just die Mike".

2 years in retrospect of my previous post in this thread.

family legal stuff subsided - to a positive result this past May.  In the mean time, still learning to move on from the (unexpected...) 3 year+ family legal related stress that we've experienced, and subsequent resulting, further family strains, but... people choose to treat each other the way they do. Things might not be the same, but you choose how an experience defines you. I did great!  I just did my part to resolve a portion of the issue which turned legal. I learned TONS, and was told I should be a lawyer from professionals in the field.    

The Bieber lp is still great. I'm still down in places for sure.

These days, been tagging along when I have time helping a friend with volunteering to walk dogs in an animal rescue, foster & shelter program.  

GOOD FOOD keeps me sane, anywhere. Smile  

Learning to keep things simple.  

What is next??     Chin    In 2017, I've moved up a couple notches in this thing called "life" ya know? I am thankful for that!  Cheers!    Cheers

Amen beats!!!
digging through the back catalogue and re discovering tunes

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