RELEASE Longformacus - Drone Works (2016 Collection, Updated Weekly, No Minimum)

Available before 6pm GMT today at

Despite having figuratively - with the essence on 'figure', being a drone makes a suite, a suite makes an EP, but also an album, and these definitions can become dovetailed - I have never official made a 'drone' LP. Until now. This is the first one, and clocks in at a modest five hours.

I couldn't do without algorithm processing that I've learned with Paulstretch, or to give the post processing program its full name, Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch. I first used this electronic program on my Muttley - Back To The Drawing Board 15 Minutes Of Fame Pt. 33 in January 2010 - find that mix still online at There I was using little fragments of jungle breakdowns and their ambiences to build a collaged soundscape. With this record - simply titled 'Drone Works' to be as precise and plain as possible, the idea is to make the drones as dreamy and dissonant, but not at the same time, as possible at different intervals.

I apply different meanings to my words than some people, as well as concepts and idioms. Dissonance to me is like a Franz Kafkaesque mood, an unfinished story, an unresolved tension. This is a pivotal emotion in dream theory as well. Dream tending tends the dream, the dream comes undone, we start again. These ideas feed into my processing style here. There is a lot of processing used in the program - post the effecting of the software synths used and automation as such.

There are quiet sections - see 'The Fear Has No Balls' - contrasted by louder rising sections in the same track. There is stasis complimented by diffusion - the best example being 'No Reproach Requiem', which for me is compositionally the strongest track here. Everything works for what it is, but sometimes stronger tracks just make themselves heard.

Please don't pay me for any of this music. Buy me a beer or a glass of wine or discount something I'm interested in by all means - but as you'll see by the amount of wishful fundraising I've been trying to do here on my Bandcamp site, I don't intend to make money. The temptation to exploit revenue streams is always there, but I really don't want it. I am not a greedy musician. It would be nice to get by easier, but getting by and providing for my family in as solvent way as possible is all I care about. I say all this because this will be a landmark release for me, preparing to add at least a couple more drone works to this collection.

If you like what you hear and want more verbiage for what I think about drone and ambient as a whole, take a visit to the well-respected website. I write there on a monthly basis and have over 165 articles on my interests and collection foci covered by those guys. They are good people, like the people at Bandcamp. Wire magazine advertises on their site still.

I've made this release a Longformacus release - my alias for works traditionally 10 minutes and over.


Mick Robert Buckingham - operation of Ableton Live 8, Paulstretch software, creation of synth drones, processing of drones, mastering.

Family - as ever providing the ease in mood. Depakote - my saviour in tablet medication form. Livvy - for the memories.

I like these Rainbow

the first two anyway - I'll have to schedule time to listen the 1-2 hour ones Wink

and here are different sorts of drones:


Thanks for posting Statto.

I'll be off the net in a bit to work on a long drone. Will upload tonight, should turn out quite well I think. Now, to action.

I've decided to process a 2h 32 minute long version of the original 10 minutes piece 'Drowning', from my best LP, 'Nothing'. It sounds quite nice from preview, will be interesting to see where every algorithm matches up and transcends as drones do.

600mb is the maximum upload space for one track on Bandcamp. I normally use .flac for this reason as it's compressed .wav. Even at .mp3 setting, the size comes in at a big 1.66gb for this version of 'Drowning'. So I will upload it to Dtopbox and link my fans. Think of it as a semi-mix, but all on one theme related to the track.

OK the Drowning Remix sounds epic, I'm thoroughly indebted to PaulStretch software for making these algorithms happen. 2 h 32 minute drone track...think Tim Hecker, Gabriel Saloman, Steve Roach, Grouper, Sotl, Paul Bradley, David Tagg, ASC. Full of the textures I love. I chose the right tune for once Wink

you might like this Smile


I loved the track Wink didn't like one of the comments so chuckedw in a deadpan one of my own.

Been listening to ambient drones all day since yester day

This 1990 comp Slow Music For Fast Times looks really good...finally grabbed Structures From Silence by Steve Roach on official dl after the Eno ad and £1.68 dl offer - in a forthcoming Muttley mix no doubt - and there's a lot of the space ambient / new age old guard in the tracklist, and some obscure names who I can't really remember!

In regards to trading music, All I can see of being ethical for trade is small (old) money - say £10 - if you want to buy a USB stick of your preferred size. I order the materials, you get posted a pen drive. 8GB, 16, 32, 64 GB, based on the Longformacus Drone Works project.

"Wake" is one of the tracks I would be offering. It doesn't play on a conventional USB hifi because of its 5 hour 1 minute length.

But you can always plug the USB into the laptop or computer and transfer the file, or store it on the pen drive. Smile

I have been toying with ideas in my mind about the Longformacus project for the last year - the odd piece has surfaced has surfaced amidst the main FL project - and here I am proud to say is a new 12 minute FL Remix of a Longformacus idea..."Trapeze".

Made in Ableton Live 8.
Previous subscribers will find this track added to their release.
Criticism please?

New Longformacus 1h12m 735mb wma file that does not fit on Bandcamp due to size problems; "Looking At Stairs". Constructive criticism would be welcome.

I added another drone piece. I'm about to make another one.

I put all these drone works on a USB stick, 128GB so I have space for years of volumes in the series. I might make one folder for each year that passes.

So, the first drone album I've made is 8 hours long in total. The digital only bonus track will have to stay on my laptop and phone library.

Well, it does not format properly with the transfer to the USB. It's too high resolution or something, or .wma cannot play.

I hope you enjoyed this errand, it genuinely seems to be very popular, because over 800 views cannot come from nowhere.

Perhaps more people like my favourite things to make - drones - more than expected...

Hmm. So. EtherPad have retitled their macro as EtherSurface In light of my developments. Added to this project is a 4 track suite of EtherSurface drones stretched in PaulStretch. Originally recorded on my trusty digital voice recorder. The music is softer generally, as the Aethereal VST-like sounds of EtherPad (the original I downloaded) are fastidiously amorphous and dreamy.

One of the tracks in the EtherSurface suite is 53 minutes.

I tried to set this to free download, but Bandcamp have put a minimum of £10 charge on the material.

Just read the thread again...very neat potential here for more to come in the project. The neatness of shorter (unstretched) drones and new projects stopped "drone works vol" being bigger. But i think that's for the best really. Usb sticks, 8gb each to recoup some money to break even and manufacture, is all we need. Thanks for today's happiness and lesson in LOVE. 

Usb hifis in cars are common nowadays. 

In related news, my spouse must have changed between "the fear has no balls" and "reclusion my benefit" tracks a few times in the night, because i woke up with the latter on...either that or as the timer alerted me i could have slept for 80 hours (over three days) instead of 80 minutes. ::chin:

Oh the power of drones.

My hifi system is a hitech satellite as well, cheap parts with a cheap BlueTooth adapter- my electric bill taps into the national grid that powers the internet of the United Kingdom.

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