Any Copenhagen & Hamburg Crew Here? +London/Brummy Crew

Heading there with a friend in mid-November and was hoping to meet up with a few SC crew for a pint if possible.  I will also be in London/Brummy the following week and would like to see some old faces and new.

Unlike previous work related trips this is mine to plan.  Therefore, I can do it 4+ months in advance and try to maximize the amount of people and things to do.

Here's a good place to holler in advance...   Xyxthumbs

as I've said in another thread...

(2nd July 2016, 16:30)Statto Wrote: nice idea, but probably not the best place to ask – nobody's much here anymore


but Wave anyway

will be up for a pint(s)
and some vinyl(s) hunting(s)

Not from either of those places, but I've visited Copenhagen and liked it a lot.
Have a good trip!

@artiq, cheers man. Looking forward to checking that place out.

@strike, where are these days? Still in the Reading area?

Bumping as my departure is almost 2 weeks.

Catch you for a beer or two at Cotteridge Wines! Cheers

(28th October 2016, 08:53)rondema Wrote: Catch you for a beer or two at Cotteridge Wines! Cheers

Yes that is a definite!  Great little backroom vibes there.  

Getting very excited for this trip to say the least.  Xyxthumbs Xyxthumbs

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