Muttley has a clothing line - VIDA fashion design (photog/graff/paint/felt)

Nu design called "Survive Missives" silk women's tracksuit bottoms available in 15 minutes with a pattern repeat in rainbow and gold colour combination. 200 dollars for 1 pair of them, all funds going towards Animal Rights charities. Street art in Fresh Paint computer program with a dedicated approximation of pensive defence.

The idea behind the art reflects my feelings of lines being drawn between flesh and blood, as well as projecting this onto the treatment of animals then human beings, and how we interact, how we shape the world.

I generally believe it's a hard sell with VIDA. Yes they have big names on board as well as people like I, but it's straining to bump up prices. It would be nice for the profits to go to a charity that really needs it, as well as the company, so they can continue expanding range like this.

  1. A Women's Rights designer tee from VIDA, by Muttley SubVersion (I), for as little as £32.50GBP. What is it? It's geometrically patterned, designed to mock a male's bulletproof vest, so it's also unisex, but the whole point is in the keyboard paint patches; with the word "Veil" over-dabbing in digital brush strokes. It's a mock of the Tory Party buffoon Boris Johnson's amusing but unnecessary branding of Burka wearing women as "bank robbers / letterboxes". The fact the tee is not black and white, belies the mainly black and white colour clash emphasis. As well, it doubles as a way of saying "keyboard warriors, hide behind keyboards"

#vida #clothing #designer

Get 4 garments for the price of 2 with this code I just got for you:


You have 15 minutes.

Search "Michael Buckingham" or "Muttley SubVersion" for my clothing styles.

That's per algorithm you copy and paste this to. I'm doing this for you!


Right. I have a new design to promote, but instead of leeching more bandwidth here, I'll just say "go to my designated shop partition".

It's titled "Lurrve Mood", and is a unisex essential top, priced at 50 dollars (the minimum), and available in bulk orders for 32.50 per print.

Theoretically that's £18 to batch order claimants. Get some of these in your clothing stores, thank you please!

It's a gaudy garm, not for the faint hearted love, but I love it. Red, green, gold, pink, collaged in a repatterned vector arrangement from the original image I made (retouched digital oils), which is on (where VIDA originally spied my designs).

They're very generous and stable on there, lots of offers to take advantage of, gives literacy to their workers and artists.

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