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jonny l play

Thread Contributor: firefingaJonny L - Play

Been a fan of Jonny L (and all his aliases) ever since, and glad to see he is still doing stuff, even something like the following (digital release only, thankfully got uploaded to youtube recently):
Music critic for the Tally Ho

wow that's a wacky tune.
beats are there to be broken

Music critic for the Tally Ho

thanks for posting this. I have gone through phases of extreme Jonny L fandom over the decades, depending on which era, releases, etc. Pivotal productions imo over the decades for sure, he has never been one to make boring interpretations of trends, cookie cutter tunes at all. At his most accessible, he definitely presented tunes for the dance floor... which we've all heard. Any fan will know there has always been even be a "poppy", cheesy element to his tunes at any given time, never taking things too seriously, which was always a part of the diversity of his tunes, which works imo. That is his appeal imo. He has never changed his presentation in balancing the experimental with the fluff. To me, Jonny L is still doing hardcore, completely within that hardcore continuum thang that some people profess too. heh. But there was always new ideas, sounds and unique ways of capturing funk with his overtly techy, sometimes even extremely minimal sound that other producers didn't seem to come forth with so easily, and consistently. That's what stands out within his discography imo. I have been a fan since hearing "The Ansaphone" XL tune, in 1993 from that free Liam Howlett Dj Magazine mixtape that seems to be a key reference point for other early Jonny L fans as well. That's the first Jonny L tune I was hyped on. Jonny L has proved that he can approach any vibe, or style of dnb, dance music in general and do it his own way. Never boring. That says a lot. Smile I have a lot of time for his stuff.

^^ "Play" is amazing. From "The Ansaphone" to "Play"... that's range huh? heh. Thanks or the post! Cheers. Cheers


a new track by Jonny L - I love it, he is the king of 2step DnB Falcon

more info:
Music critic for the Tally Ho

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