Neurofunk My Life k?

Some decent bits on Australian label, Locked Concept & label head, Lockjaw, including some extremely melodic Machinecode / Current Value, Dean Rodell collab bits.  Machinecode & Lockjaw collab tune "Array", almost "trance & bass" ish, Dkay, Rawfull "I'll Be There for You"  earlier Concord Dawn melodies, but not too camp & without any vocals, heh. Interesting tune nonetheless, I don't mind it. Lockjaw & DR "Phenotype", very musical, melodic, piano atmos tune, interesting yet cohesive choices for an e.p. release. 

The DR Locked Concept Guest mix is good. Hypnotic, minimal to techy, deeper neuro atmos, and stuff. Machinecode "Speaker" (from 2016 "Metropolis" album) in the later part of the mix.. beautiful tune, production astounds!

1. Monolog - The Shakes
2. Homemade Weapons - Galatea 
3. VROMM - Zombie
4. Survey - Monobrow
5. MachineCode - Voltron
6. DR & Monolog - Do Not Cover
7. ??? - ???
8. Hydro, War & Mateba - Clair Obscur
9. DR & Lockjaw - Phenotype
10. Quadrant, Lukeino & Homemade Weapons - Mayday
11. MachineCode - Speaker
12. MachineCode - Doublegate 
13. Alibi ft. Coppa - Trunk 
14. MachineCode & Lockjaw - Array


Sensus, from Toronto, Canada, via Locked Concept, May 2017 release

Sensus Locked Concept Guest mix... neuro geeks rejoice! (ahem..) Smile Lockjaw "Cells"... I dig it, lazer zap samples & all.

1. Sensus - Street People
2. Xtrah - Contortion
3.Signal - Periphery
4. Arkaik - No Playing
5. Signal & Phentix - Informer
6. Lockjaw - Cells
7. Sensus - Tribus
8. Lockjaw - Over My Dead Body
9. Sensus -???
10. Xtrah - Compulsive
11. Sensus - AOT
12. Sensus - ???
13. Cruk - The moment
14. Sensus - ???
15. Xtrah - Tibetan Funk
16. Mzine & Scepticz - Prescient
17. Skeptical - Imperial
18. Lockjaw - Idol (sensus remix)


intricate, freaky builds, funky as well.

Hybris & DLR, "A New Tomorrow" e.p, July 2017

incredibly (neuro) geeky.. if you get me. I see a pattern here. heh.

this shit isn't boring, imo, that's for sure. Decent release, I approve. DLR - "Ask The Question" MC Fokux, Hybris remix, alien sounds, all spliced up.
[Image: a2554539252_10.jpg]

You can break out your old fave Kemal & Rob Data joints too, don't be shy. Smile

I still have my vinyl copy of this, like the rest of my aging, final glimpses of dnb wax, all collecting dust. lol

freaky tunes. "Portal" is creepy, listening back.


i used to rinse this...vector burn - triage

I was rather partial to Vector Burn's Replicant Audio joints. Sort of random finds in the local shop bins at the time, when his tunes first started showing up locally back then.


new October 2017 Shyun release on Critical Music


Monty ... as posted earlier, I'm a fan. Very diverse, can deliver many vibes.    Love how dubbed out his productions can get, very smooth, intricate. Of course,  some required grit as well in the mix.

Enjoying the tunes thus far, very much so.

Monty "Soft Start" e.p, via Vandal Recs, September 2017.  "Ruff Edges", tune is a bruiser.  Xyxthumbs


Alix Perez - "Nighthawks" e.p.

[Image: a3560841580_10.jpg]

1985. Doing it.

[Image: a3527587326_10.jpg]

DR (aka. Dean Rodell, Machine Code) - "Epoch" collab e.p, September 2017

[Image: a0048274862_10.jpg]

Sunday night vibes, listening as I post, settling into the October 4, 2017 Critical Sound No. 47 podcast featuring Klax & Hyroglifics

Mind already blown.  Feeling the Mark System "Break Glass" e.p. via Exit.  "Break Glass", dutty.


new Current Value weirdness. I like this.

spazzy & bass


that Rawtekk 2016, "Here's to Them", Med School Music lp is quite the trip.

interesting touch to weave the lp around vocals and neuro joints. cohesive. imo.

[Image: a0190240492_10.jpg]

Chee - Pretoria, South Africa

"Eddy Morphine" e.p, December, 2017

mad 'ting.


there is some incredibly fucked up music in this mix.

4am, 5am, 6am early morning work shifts.  Keeps me awake. 

I fully concur.

[Image: artworks-000264948566-pw8g9h-t500x500.jpg]


Paint - Beast Mode [20/20 LDN]
Holly, Crimes, Chee & Yunis - Four Seasons [LA90 Music]
Former - Enemy Real [Division Recordings]
Masayoshi Iimori - Hello [Quality Goods Records]
Untitld & Jon Casey - K-9
Noisia - Into Dust (Tsuruda Remix) [Vision Recordings]
Sofie Letitre - Stranger (Former Remix) [Division Recordings]
Sub-Human - Throw Down [Circus Records]
Tsuruda - Gang
Eprom - Center Of The Sun [Rwina Records]
Woolymammoth & Holly - Mixed Feelings [Division Recordings]
G Jones & Sayer - Who Runnin' Em
Zeke Beats - Dispatch
G Jones - Help! I Can't Find My Way Out
Zeke Beats - Meltdown [Terrorhythm Recordings]
Eprom - Hurricane [Rwina Records] x Danny Brown - Blunt After Blunt [Fool's Gold Records]
Noisia - Get Deaded (Moody Good Remix)[Vision Recordings]
Foreign Beggars - Toast (ft. Alix Perez, Izzie Gibbs, Dizmack)
Foreign Beggars - Toast (Zeke Beats Remix)
Signs - Sacrilège [Kinetik Records]
Chee - Pressure
Jon Casey - Geneva [LA90 Music]
Noisia & Ivy Lab - Possession [Division Recordings]
Droptek - Ekstasis
Noisia - Straight Hook [Vision Recordings]
Pigeon Hole - Move [Saturate Records]
Krayysh - Running From Death [Mad Zoo]
G Jones & Eprom - Hysteria
Our Enemies - Behemoth
Levitate & Macntaj - War Ready
Eprom - Warrior (ft. G Jones)
J.Rex - XYX [Blvckplvgue]

[Image: artworks-000262527620-2g8vk5-t500x500.jpg]

Critical Music Cut From the Catalog Mix - November, 2017, Track List:

Halogenix “Blej”
Cruk “Cold Top”
Enei & DRS “The Process”
Spectrasoul “Wedgehead”
Bungle “Human Poison”
Emperor “Control VIP”
TI “Rotations”
Ivy Lab “Live on Your Smile”
Break “In the Clouds”
Sam Binga & Rider Shafique “Highly Blessed” (Alix Perez Remix)
Kiril “Minimal Instinkt”
Sam Binga ft. Slick Don “Run the Dance” (Enei Remix)
Enei & Kasra “1000”
Emperor “Bad Blood”
The Upbeats “Punks”
Mefjus & Kasra “Conversion”
Phace & Noisia “Drawback” (Annix Remix)
QZB “Apollo”
Klax “Blackball”
Mefjus & Emperor “Flashizm”
Posij “Change”
Mefjus ft. Zoe Kilck “Blame You” (Ivy Lab Remix)
Foreign Concept & Halogenix “Waiheke Wine Club”
Mefjus “Mirage”
Sabre, Stray and Halogenix ft. Frank Carter III “Oblique VIP”

I haven't liked most of the recent Cause4Concern Recs releases that I've skimmed from the past few months.

some recent tunes that I don't mind.   Inward, Hanzo, Randie, Synth Ethics  "Tune X"...   good.  A couple decent bits from the August, 2017, "Consistency of Error" lp.

Props to Terminal youtube channel for quick upload on the Redpill tune as well.   Xyxthumbs    Cheers.  


Monty for the win.


I see a pattern here. I'm on to it.

"Temptation" e.p., November 2017

[Image: a0453590419_10.jpg]

I'm not sure if i still have my vinyl copy of the lp in storage. I never really listened to "Digital Nation" in its entirety as a proper lp, more just dj tools using specific plates from the vinyl version, where I had "Inside the Machine" on cd, which I got more into as a complete listen.

"Crucafixion" is still the ills.


Listening to the new Current Value lp

wtf....    in a good way.     Infinity   Infinity    Infinity   

Dude makes some messed up music no doubt. Sometimes you can't really place it within the context of standard, typical dnb. Current Value is just different.  *Something else* is going on. He keeps you guessing. Frequencies continue to do freaky things here, literally.

Noisy machines, brains melting, via overt digital chaos and sporadic interludes with glimpses of melody where it doesn't make sense.  Some other language is going on.  I'm listening, trying to decode the chaos. 



00:00 Dead Communication (feat. DR & Lockjaw)
05:42 Deadly Toys
10:10 Creating
14:22 Greyscale
18:17 Periodicity
23:12 Sonar
27:50 Influx
33:34 That Smile
38:44 Scenario
43:40 Into The Matter
47:39 Lost In It
56:10 Heli Aggression


Nami - "Imitator" e.p., November 2017

good stuff.

[Image: a1933414431_10.jpg]




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