SubVersion and Foci Left present - EOY Charts

My full chart is here, wrapped up, still to finish surely, but good enough to publish for now.

Did i say Get Busy Subverts!

okay Xyxthumbs

Track of the year:
Dom & Tech Itch - Phoenix as it's so joyously and raucously dark.
Label of the year: Scientific Wax and AKO Beatz joint winners
Techno of the year: Wanderwelle- Lost in a Sea of Trees
Night out of the year: Rupture 11th Birthday.
Neurotransmitter of the year: Serotonin and it's citalopram cheerleader
Festival of the year: Lockdown where I played bare nerdy beats to about 1000 people.
Wife of the year: Siove and her amazing love, common sense and tolerance of my stupidity
beats are there to be broken

Film of the year: Stick Man animation.

Mpst entertaining.

TV series of the year: The League Of Gentlemen S4.
Word of the year: muggle.

Trance track of the year: Driftmoon - Avalon (Club Mix)

Favourite track — Bobbie Johnson - 'Great' Britain (from "You & I"; Escape Route Media) —
Favourite album — Bill Orcutt - Bill Orcutt (Palilalia) —
Favourite label —  Dubs from the Dungeons —
Favourite mix —  Muttley - Back to Mine November 2K17 - The Path of the Optimist —
Favourite gig — four metal bands for £1 at the Angel, Nottingham (didn't know and can't remember who they were or exactly when it was)
Favourite book — Cordelia Fine - Testosterone Rex: Unmaking the Myths of Our Gendered Minds (Icon Books) —
Favourite TV series — The Handmaid's Tale —
Favourite random purchase — secondhand Moeck great bass recorder
Favourite clothes — secondhand Dorothy Perkins long denim furry-fringed coat —
Favourite food — Mr Kipling's Country Slices (just as well my local co-op doesn't stock them)
Favourite SC thread —  A History of Heavy Metal —
Favourite random moment — waking up on Friday 9th June and discovering that the UK General Election hadn't been an unmitigated disaster after all
Favourite guilty pleasure — the only time I have guilt about pleasure is if I'm indulging when I should be working


Noisemonkey Kingstatto

Applause Applause

Best comedy hour on terrestrial television: 

Russell Howard - Recalibrate

Its fucking cold outside.

No seriously.    

Its R-E-A-L-L-Y FUCKING cold outside - 26 C / - 36 C windchill, literally -40ish last nite too...  but see, Canadians are thick skinned like Russians, but with less mafias & more variety potato dishes. Canadians also have Drake, bacon, KEN mode, and Swallowing Shit.

good bye 2017  


The list:

Ever (e)revolving TOP Descendents song that makes you want to SING YOUR LUNGS OUT TO while the world implodes on its twitter posting impending doom (.. or whatever) - for this week.. "Good Good Things"

Top 9 regular SC posters - wait.. I thought there were only 7??   Scratch  

Top 2017 joints that almost make you want to dj dnb again.."just for kicks" right? -  Critical Music in general

Top Labels in 2017 - Sonic Groove, Griselda Records, Critical Music, 1985, Balans Records, Fides Recs, X-Img, Clan Destine Records.. and such

Top Halogenix tune of the Year - "Reset" 


Fave SC thread - Firefinga's "Electronic Body Music" - it has been great fun digging up new & old sounds for the thread. More to come..  Smile

Fave new dnb producer - Monty

Beatdown hardcore kick in the nads of the year - Knocked Loose

Fave dj's most listened to on the regular - Mumdance, Route 8, Blush Response, Shades / Eprom & Alix Perez, Paul Woolford / Special Request, Plack Blague  

2017 Come back of the Year - Rhys Fulber producing solo tunes, forthcoming 2018 Sonic Groove Records ebm lp in the works!

Most anticipated 2018 release - NEW SUMAC, anything & everything... Bring it!

2017 Highlight roll call:

Anima Nostra - "Atraments" lp
The Body & Full of Hell - "Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light" lp
Tzusing - 東方不敗 lp
Cold Lungs - "I'd Rather Fail on My Own Terms" discography (late December 2016 release..)
Alix Perez - "Night Hawks" e.p.
Current Value - "Deadly Toys" lp
Monty - "Temptation" e.p.
Monty - "Hold Me Back" e.p.
Westside Gunn / Griselda Records in general - "Hitler Wears Hermes" continued series on point
Restive Plaggona - "Silently Hopelessly" lp
Ivy Lab - "Peninsula" e.p.
Critical Music Podcasts -
Limpwrist - "Facades"lp
Phase Fatale - "Redeemer"lp
ENDON - "Through The Mirror" lp
Planning for Burial - "Below the House" lp
Blut Aus Nord - "Deus Salutis Meae" lp
Amenra - "Mass VI" lp
3KZ - "Parallel Reflections" lp
Pessimist - "Pessimist" lp
Shades - "Night the Dreadless Angel" e.p.
Blush Response - "Infinite Density" lp
Special Request - "Belief System" lp
Royalston - Popular Mechanics" lp
Autumn - "Suffocating Brothers" lp


Top Moment of B12's 1995 "Time Tourist" lp (Warp) - Epilion

Top Korean soup of the year - Gamjatang  

Top random unused SC emoticon -  Kebab   <<  what context would you use it??   Ya know what I mean?? 

2017 downers of the year - trap kids & drug addictions. SXE trap is the next step... no? No weed, no pills, no lean.. can it happen?? Tune in 2018.. The youth are indeed getting restless. That whole **ump thing is a bit whatevs too. 


The world awaits.

Applause great effort

Best thing I've been called online in 2017: a keyboard warrior troll, by a wanker who does not know hardship.


I mean for real tho, why is the kebab smiley sad?  it looks like a turd on a weigh scale and some sad smiley taking a light saber to it.  I need a back story.   What gives??

Kebab eating should be cherished. Arabian food is delicious, and Great Britain is full of good kebab houses.

Definitely adding to my "Top Halogenix tune of the year"  file.   

So good.

So we did indeed have 3 main 2017 charts, as predicted.
But this chart project is open to retrospect entries!

It's about that time again - middle of Summer 2018 -to start wok-working new entries into this thread from I at the very least.
For now I'll give you some categories of my list to ponder over (feel free to make your own)..

Track of 2018: Average White Band - Pick Up The Pieces (1974)
or Boards Of Canada - Peacock Tail (The Campfire Headphase, 2005)
Or Alison Moyet - Love Resurrection
Album 2018: Foci's Left - LUV VOL II - Tapas Mosaic. I'm my own biggest fan.
Other album 2018: The Declining Winter - Belmont Slope
Mix 2018: Muttley - Happiness Is Natural (MixCloud)
Book 2018: Paul Mckenna - I Can Make You Happy
Gift 2018: 30th birthday Pokemon Legends Tin Box from my parents and sister, and a Pikachu Easter Egg, from somebody lovely. Smile
Song 2018: Florence Welch - Hunger
Art 2018: Pokemon Lunala-GX card illustration.
Game of 2018: Pokemon Ultra Moon (just getting the update) and Ultmate Fighting Championship for Android.
Food 2018: Tempura Battered Prawns with Salad and Lemon + Sweet Chili Sauce, The Beehive Carterton.
Film 2018: Creed (Rocky 6) on mute.
Lesbian/Gay/B/Trans Icon Of 2018: Florence Welch for "High As Hope" LP
Restaurant 2018: The Plough Inn, Alvescot for their Pan-Fried Corn-fed Chicken Breast in Madeira Sauce with vegetables and roast potatoes, topped off by great service and delectable Strawberry Cheesecake. My Grandfather's 91st birthday.
Regular Haunt 2018: The Beehive, Carterton which I wrote a 5-star review for their good service always.
Favourite random moment 2018: Our family getting 2 new canine companions, one the day I write this!
Comeback of 2018: England's football performance up to and after semi-final in the World Cup 2018 games.

Quiet Music of 2018: currently it's something on the Spotify "drone music" search term playlist. Chihei Hatakeyama - "Scene" was great for Spain adventures, as well as Milieu - Brother, and Quosp EPs.
Electronica of 2018: J Majik - Red Alert Mix CD (2004)
Miscellaneous 2018: Goldfrapp - Black Satin Tears (YouTube) closcrete LP (classical, discrete and musique concrete)
Coup of the year: getting advice from Skunk Radio London for the fourth time.
Lucid dream of 2018: c."Groningen, Groningen" (The Netherlands, Holland).
List cast-offs

The Sun shines constantly in the United Kingdom Malaga airport in May.
I was there end of April-middle May, all agreed, and had a time which felt like 20 years of pure heaven.
Memory threads infinite joy busting from that magnificent relay of adventure, relapse, rest and rural idyll.

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