sad news (re Hidden Agenda)

Jason Goodings Wrote:My brother is Mark Goodings, I can say many things about him, like how naturally gifted he is and how I have always been his biggest fan, how annoyingly obsessive he can be, how he inspired me in all sorts of ways over many phases in our lives, how much I love who he is as a person, as a brother, as a father and as the best friend I ever had or ever will.....Problem is any words I find can only ever scratch the surface of what I want to say, suffice to say I love the man.

At this point I can do no more than lay out the facts; my brother is dying, he contracted throat cancer some time ago and has been through so much, with major surgery and learning to live with its consequences, with many rounds of chemotherapy, with being given a glimmer of hope and to see it taken away.....he has lost the battle, and is purely dealing with pain management until he decides no more, this will be very soon. He is at home in Zurich, Switzerland with Susanne, his partner and also the strongest and bravest woman I have ever met, and he is reading this.

He wanted me to let everyone know whats going on - Family, friends, old and new, those we made music with in one way or another from Newcastle to beyond and just anyone who enjoyed something we created along the way; I've lost touch with so many people over the years so if there is anyone you think might miss this, please share, leave comments, tag people, tell a story, post a photo, play some tunes and generally spread the word and let all our thoughts be with him now.

Mark, thanks for simply being my little brother, I couldn't have asked for more than that.

'.....and a hundred fires sparkle in the past'.....and they always will.

Very sad to hear this Icon_cry

I don't have any stories, but I do have virtually all of Mark's and Jason's back catalogue – on Metalheadz, Creative Source, Reinforced, Dispatch, Straight Ahead, the little labels Zest, Tutti Frutti, Experiment Collective Intelligence. So many great records and a fabulous legacy.

This is probably my favourite – "a track that grooved like someone juggling scissors" (as someone once wrote):


Storm Wrote:When Goldie brought the first Hidden Agenda dat to Kemi and I we were all so excited .
Metalheadz at that point was really starting to gain momentum and these guys fitted perfectly they had something unique about their sound it was so fresh and pulled on your emotions in such a special way .
As time went on they became part of the Metalheadz family bringing so many pivotal timeless tunes to ths table .
When they sent me Big Lamp it sent my mind racing with all kinds of ideas it became the seed that initiated the infamous Metalheadz Silver Box set .
They were always such lovely guys and my favourite day with them was when they came down to London for the Platinum Breakz photo shoot by Phil Knot it was so lovely to see them interacting and making friends with the other artists , a meeting of many great musical minds , I felt humbled to be there .
Every track they made we played and I could shout out everything they produced but this track The Sun which came out on Fabio's Creative Source label was a special favourite if ours , I played it as the last tune this year at SUNANDBASS and it was a truly relgious moment .
There are few pieces of music like this that come along in this scene that stand alone , a tune you dont even want to mix you just want to hear it from beginnging to end in all its beautiful glory ..... Hidden Agenda I Salute You .
You both have tough path to walk right now and I wish you strength and hold on tight to all the happy moments you can grab with each other .
Hidden Agenda made a massive difference to this scene , and I thank you for allowing Kemi and myself to be a small part if your greatness ❤️❤️ XX


loads more messages here:


Damn Icon_sad


This is awful Icon_sad

(23rd November 2016, 18:39)Euphony Wrote: Icon_cry 

This is awful Icon_sad

I had no idea Sad2
Amazing tunes Statto introduced me to.

I also have lots of Hidden Agenda....

So sad to hear this. Just adds up to the general shit-ness that has been 2016.... Icon_sad
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Really sad news...

Man these guys made some excellent tunes

"Get Carter" for me

Makes me think of that little interview they did in the "Breakbeat Science Vol 1" booklet where they're both messing around in Newcastle (acting out that scene from Get Carter where Cliff Brumby takes a tumble in the car park)

Proper Breakbeat Funksters

Thank You For The Music


Icon_sad Hard to add anything here. Just going to listen to a lot of Hidden Agenda, maybe that'll make me feel a bit better...


"The Flute Tune" good. And "Big Lamp" Homerdrool


Another masterpiece:

CELEBRATE LIFE, groove, FUNK, music, LEGACY, IMPACT, *minds blown*, and general amazement within the greatest moments of Hidden Agenda!!

I discovered new ideas, new presentations in music, and new sonic WTF possibilities, ALL constructed within sounds I've never heard before while first exploring and discovering dnb for the first time. Hidden Agenda's music was a part of that.

Consider that sir Mark Goodings is going to be moving up a level or two within his next journeys Wink, the man has graced us all with an impeccable soundtrack to help pave the way. And with THAT, I am thankful!

Hidden Agenda = MINDS BLOWN!

Respects. Lighter LighterLighter

Been a huge fan of theirs since I first heard their music in the mid-nineties.

Was very sad to hear this news earlier in the week.
If there's any positive to come out of this it might be that a few more people are exposed to their genius.
Always thought they were very underrated.
Respects Mark, thanks for everything you've given the world of music and hope you can enjoy the a few more days in the sun.

a late night kind of thing...

Very sad news  Icon_sad Icon_sad Icon_sad Icon_sad

This is one of my faves, an original take on a amen tune;

I love the gentle groove to this one:






(26th November 2016, 16:36)Goldie Wrote: It comes with great sadness that I share with you the news of Mark Goodings of Hidden Agenda's passing at 11:30pm last night.
He was with close family and friends when it happened. I have a new respect for what it means to brave after Mark's decision to pass to the next life.
Hidden Agenda's legacy to UK underground music really cannot be underestimated. We will be announcing a gathering to celebrate Marks life and legacy soon. Headz family forever.


Just heard that he has unfortunately passed away last night Icon_sad


Ah, Widzhit got here a minute before me....

such a terrible loss so early

May he rest in peace Lighter

ah damn Icon_cry


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