Selling records on discogs

I used to have a 'never sell records' policy  - it never seemed worth it. Even if the record was shit, I sometimes still had an emotional attachment to it. However some tunes that I'm actually not that into are now worth serious wedge, and the shelves need clearing. 


DOOOOO IEEEEET or 'nah man, never ever'? 

Not talking about Jungle or DMZ here btw. Teef
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I've been selling a lot recently as I can't keep hauling them with me every time I decide to move countries, and so far it's been worth it. Though you have to deal with some fuckwit buyers at times, who try it on, or are super impatient, but by and large most buyers seem pretty good.
My opinion only there of course Smile

My motivations is the same as Chris. I have moved so many times in the last 5 years, I had to start reducing. My collection is something like 1/4 to 1/6th what it used to be, but now almost anything I take off my shelf is a record I love.
Discogs has been pretty slow for me (not many domestic buyer perhaps?), so I use it for records that I think have some value. So far I haven't had a bad experience selling. Buying however... Baffled

Planning on selling my collection at some point next year. It's very unlikely I'm ever gonna spin again so it all got a bit useless really, emotional attachment is rapidly declining lately as well. So yeah, high likelihood my collection will be dissolved.
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one of the items in my wantlist has just come up for £125 "near mint"
errm, no thanks, I can get an actually mint copy direct from the artist for £40

Roll Roll Roll

Yeah, some prices are really outrageous, to not say plain silly. Do people buy them for real or some guys trying to hype the price?

I have been collecting vinyl more religiously over the past few years. I am looking for anything between indigenous ambient sounds and breakbeat bass orientated music. I prefer buying in bulk so I sometimes have to split the cost over a period of time (that if the seller is willing to allow me to do so). So please post the links to your discogs catalog or pm me your list of records.

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