Special Curry Recipes - Muttley (Collection 1-10)


Finally got round to collecting the first three from my FB cache, as I mainly used to post these on FB; figured the SC Snax Creux might appreciate something on offer here.

The recipes take between 15 minutes (very versed chefs) and 2 hours depending on how much time you have, how many humans you're cooking for, what type of day that is, et cetera et cetera. All ingredients can be bought from your local markets, in most places of the world.

If you like this, check out Atul Kochhar - Curries Of The World pbk. It's my curry recipe bible.
Cheers! Mick

Just noting here for the time being that FB recipes 4-10, though I think I only put nine (9_) on there, are offline. I can possibly salvage some extrapolation links at a later date. Right now, all that above is plenty to be enjoying if you love REAL curry.

I cook curry, spiced meat, and fish every week, make a new curry every week, but write memories down. It can be a very therapeutic experience. It's like painting. Not surprising I went from painter to music producer to working chef for my in-house meals. Thx C.

Me take a lot of expense over my curries. Atul's book is very inspirational and includes a to-die-for Chicken Courgette Curry from Burma. He travelled all around the world to write the book. Generations of expertise. It's on Kindle E-Reader.

My parents do not believe I
My parents to not believe cooking curry with rice is natural.

But...I can always freestyle my heart out at home.

Yesterday I cooked a Black Bean Mince & Pasta curry variant. To most, that's not exactly curry. To me/I/it, not either. #

But it's all about experimentation, about using the ancient ways, to try new things, in order to believe in I
I is yourself, not a construct, not a life choice, not a particular element.
It is the soul.

Lovesmilie parents.

all about baked bean curry bitd when on a budget.
beats are there to be broken http://musicindevon.org/

Absolutely noisemonkey. All about blending baked beans with tabasco and soy sauce. I am a fan of using chicken and pork with basmati rice for clarity of flavour, or pullao rice for fuller flavour. Tastes great accompanied by beef tomatoes, spring onions, aubergine or cooked frozen pea. Spice wise, I recommend garam masala, ground coriander, Chinese 5Spice, allspice for nutmeg futility, star anise, Shaans tikka curry powder, anything like this.

Some decent additives to a REAL curry....

Bird's Eye Chillies - zing!
Bay leaf/banana leaf - extra flavour
Ben Kei's Hot Sauce - chipotle or hot or Sidekick
Mustard seeds - watch them pop!
Oregano - surprising with pork korma
Coriander seeds - for lemony zest

my chilli ingredients include: a nice strong stout and some decaf coffee grounds (not instant obviously)
beats are there to be broken http://musicindevon.org/

Got given a 4 bottle gourmet hot sauces this Xmas. Fiery Diablo, Garlic El Fuego, Smokey Chipotle, Green Jalapeno.

Garlic El Fuego = sweet, aromatic, zingy, addictive.

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