MIX Now That's What I Call Subvert Central (Muttley Subverts Mix)

ultraviolet - melted down (paradox drumfunk remix) (streetbeats recordings)
mc verse crunch recordings - azur eyes (crunch recordings)
fracture and Neptune - continuities (breakin')
jason os - 808 (cymbalism recordings)
seba and lenk - captain freak (secret ops)
resound - circular structure (paradox drumfunk remix) (counter intelligence)
Kapsil-rapture (complex logic)
Alaska-aerosoul VIP (Kmag)
fanu - tales from the sea (breakin')
seba and paradox - frost (bassbin)
filter - fallout (streetbeats recordings)
seba - mandelkubb (secret operations)
Fracture and neptune - the ice planet (breakin')
mav - atomic collision (vector burn remix) (warm communications)
fracture and neptune - ayahuasca (streetbeats recordings)
Paradox - 96 Paragons (Tech Freak)
Alpha omega - Lost Souls (VIP) (forestry service)
Pieter k - maze (subvert central vol.1)
amit - immigrants (commercial suicide)
hive and Keaton - way of the warrior (violence rec.)
simon v - journey's end (Santorin)


link to download


link to stream

-you'll have to come forward and request that personally. time is short.


this was originally going to be my welcome to subvert central mix - a comedic introduction, perhaps, but I at the time thought this mix was not as good as the "Feb 06 Selection" I would go on to produce 5 months later (search for that, or I can link you personally). in truth this is mix has aged better. I wanted to find It for ages, and it's the first one I planned to send to my sister when she was working overseas. it was too long for a cd though, so i sent a condensed, less good one. the mixes here are brittle at worst instead of slipstreams, and I enjoy that. it sounds like one long tune, one long journey, if I can compliment myself in any way. I've always had the style of long mixes over impact. this mix is no exception.

I hope you will find a place in your own private recordings folder for this mixtape, and enjoy it as much as I devoted to it.

shout out to all the web and real life friends I've met since making this...dwarde, rav, asc, ben scope (subvert), statto, lata, khal, ehl, metalx, euphony, dinsdale, firefinga, macc, fanu, dodz, c64, davetrax, djfracture, inaya, annastay, and lots more I forget to mention.

peace, love and hugs,
mike xoxo


Two recalled id's, the toughest ones to recall from pure memory, added.

"Captain freak" was on secret operations.
"Ayahuasca" only came out on Streetbeats dubplate.

Listening to this in bed this morning, I missed these identity tags out...my good host Kapsil (http://www.muttley.kapsil.net) and his rolling number "Rapture". Free download at the time on DOA in 2005.

After Resound - Circular Structure (Paradox remix)

Kapsil - Rapture (Complex Logic)

...and yet another ID missed! After that!

Alaska (Dev Pandya) - Aerosoul (VIP) (Unreleased)

Well, it was partially released, on Leke's Kmag CD in 2005, the second golden era of dnb after 1996.

After the Filter ragga vocals time is Seba solo.

Paradox - 96 Paragons I'd added.

Alpha omega - Lost Souls VIP I'd added.

here is another mix for pure enjoyment's sake. "Stat Divide" - a mix of the titles "Static Interference" and "The Divide", the tracks that start and end the mix. mainly techno influenced.

download link via dropbox


track list

mav - static interference (from "covert operations vol.1, cov007, 2005)
seba - cruising in time (nu directions 12', 2003 - https://www.discogs.com/Seba-Seba-Chris-...ter/464413)
electrosoul system - the rhythm of life (from "covert operations vol.1, 2003)
klute - second skin (from "no-one's listening anymore cd 1", commercial suicide, 2004)
dbridge - dolls (on the bastion/pipe dreams 4 track ep - https://www.discogs.com/D-Bridge-The-Mon...ster/15532)
alaska - aerosoul vip (from leke's "kmag 2005 compilation", 2005)
dbridge - pipe dreams (from " monochrome ep", exit, 2005)
asc - streamline (from "covert operations vol.1", 2005)
skc & safair - free my soul (from "weapons of mass creation" project [i think], hospital, 2003)
asc - pegasus 77 (from "covert operations, 005, vol.1, 2005)
noisia - the distance (from "monster ep", subtitles, 2005)
teebee - padawan (from "the legacy cd", subtitles, 2005)
calyx - through your eyes (blade runner "if only you could see...eyes" sample)
spor - dante's inferno (from "us against the world ep", barcode, 2003)
dom & calyx - cold killa (east coast west coast) (from "calyx - no turning back lp", moving shadow, 2004)
mason featuring kameelan - time stands still (from "gasm ep", very bad music, 2005)
silent witness - safeway (12', dnaudio, 2004) - absolutely sick tune, very similar to thinktank - "run and shove"
noisia - monster (from "monster ep", subtitles, 2005)
ewun - the divide (split 12' with exile, evol intent, 2005 - https://www.discogs.com/Exile--Ewun-Devi...ter/594716)

i think most of that is right - but i'm happy for corrections to be made. helps my memory.
comments appreciated. Smile


will have to check that first mix out, some great tunes in there

who wants another mix from the archives? you'll have to message me on here about this one, as it has a little known photek dub plate in it that I picked up from Slippy's Vinyl in 2004. Smile

believe 2005 mixtape - muttley

00:00 noisia - believe (monster ep, subtitles, 2005)
thinktank - ritual (obscene003 12', 2005)
11:11 noisia - exorcism (monster ep, subtitles, 2005)
14:00 vicious circle & ebk - apparition (defcom compilation cd, 2005)
17:50 teebee - the force (subtitles 12', 2005)
21:22 electrosoul system - the morning after (covert operations volume 1, 2005)
25:15 sebadox - it's not a dream (paradox music 12', 2005)
28:35 resound - hi-fi (covert operations vol.1, 2005)
31:10 mampi swift - hackers (charge 12', 2005)
33:25 mason featuring kameelan - dark fire (gasm ep, very bad music, 2005)
40:06 body & soul (maldini & vegas) - my dues (bad taste cd, bc recordings, 2005)
44:00 break & fierce - singular {the gene pool ep, dnaudio, 2005) (that techstepper tune from hq raves)
46:23 exile & sub focus - silicon chop (pro agonist cd, planet mu, 2005)
51:00 photek - raise babylon (2004 remaster) (photek productions dubplate, 2004)
56:27 sebadox - sound on sound (paradox music 12', 2004)
59:35 dj krust - true stories (talkin' loud, 1997)


here is the "true, first" 15 Minutes Of Fame mixtape. Called "Rare Grooves", it focuses on just that, and an epitome for the series itself. banger beats, decent mixing, 2005 style, served up with a filling drumfunk chutney and oldskool potato fries. Teef

muttley - rare grooves - 2005 - 15 mof or. 1 (the very first one #decent mixing, #all key-mixed, #focus on tunes, #emotive)

01-hive, keaton, echo, gridlok - california schemin' - "welcome to violence lp", violence recordings, 2005
02-paradox - bongolia - bassbin recordings "rare grooves lp", 2005
03-gridlok - mass transit - "welcome to violence lp", violence recordings, 2005
04-digital - lucky 7 - bassbin recordings "rare grooves lp", 2005
05-hive, keaton, echo, gridlok - man vs. machine - "welcome to violence lp", violence recordings, 2005
06-resound - circular structure (paradox drumfunk remix) - counter intelligence recordings 12', 2004
07-seba & paradox - last goodbye - paradox music 12', 2004
08-klute - saviour - commercial suicide "no-one's listening anymore lp", 2004
09-krust - true stories - talkin' loud cd-r, 1997



001-duo infernale - positive vibes - sound trax, 2005
002-alias - long time - bassbin rare grooves lp, 2004
003-big bud - blu 4 u - sound trax, 2004
004-cyantific & tactile - love without sound - weapons of mass creation vol.2, hospital, 2004
005-dj fresh - submarines (pendulum remix) - breakbeat kaos, 2004
006-calyx - tearing us apart - no turning back lp, moving shadow, 2005
007-resonant evil - the violator (dubplate mix) - unreleased, 2005
008-dom & calyx - cold killa - no turning back lp, moving shadow, 2005
009-mason featuring resonant evil - ride - gasm recordings ep. very bad music, 2005
010-loxy, maldini & vegas - clown killa - tech freak lp, 2004

...from here on there is a adherence to playing tracks of the period in my dub plates cd stack of acetate recordings.
The more I give away, the less surprise this excellent set, mixed by me and my girlfriend in 2005 and 2010 respectively, made.
All on CD drives from Gemini and upgraded to Pioneer later respectively, when I got two pay rises from work then retired
because of psychotropic medication inability to stabilise my schizophrenia. I really like this mix - crank it loud! Grin Smile Grin

anyone want a link? Hyper

you'll have to ask my gf Teef


cali rage monster - 2nd oct 05 - free

california schemin'
stand your ground
alpha trion
? forgotten dubplate
out of time calyx remix
? forgotten dubplate
rage (sub3ect remix)





alchemist - cyclist


Dance Kisskiss Dance

KIDZANIA MIX - dj anus - hemeroids - dominator - get myself oct 05


free tings linkage

...find a sub directory of all 2004-present day mixes on my Dropbox, which is modded by my girlfriend.

"ghost town, tooooawn, we a runnin tings in ghost town, all di record shops getting closed a daaan, ghost town, townnnn, we shipping out the vinyl round"


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