RELEASE bassomata lp (unreleased)

so who wants mister muttley to release this then? because nobody else will. well, I firmly doubt it. most won't even give it a chance. it's not fanu fracture or paradox, is it? and the like. et cetera rhetoric. but maybe, just maybe you might like a space-aged track from this...

track one is the promo mix, mixed in ableton, also featuring mizeyesis, teebee, skru, mistic (dillinja).

second half of proceedings is an undecided premaster track order. nearly all of it is dnb speed; 150-170bpm. all is drum and bass, bass and drum, lol. all of it took longer than one live session to put together. it is dedicated to my nan, who passed away in april last year aged 82.

all of it is in the style of partisan records (banaczech - shady lane), certificate 18 (klute - phone call), droppin' science (use of weapons - switchblade), counter intelligence (martsman - antifunk), breakbeat science (Pieter k - impressions), subvert central (Nubian mindz = pure).

will it be mastered? if I can be bothered. likely so. if i'm willing to rewire my brain to understand i'm not paying to get it mastered by someone.

I don't have the money and time to waste on cheap duplicates for things that aren't going to see the light of day. that's why I've released over 75 of my releases myself on since 2013, with a humbling £104.45 GBP of direct sales, 3000+ plays, and 200 active followers. I don't expect you to listen to me. I firmly believe i'm sectioned off from conversation with some. that's okay too. Smile

like seeing dead people that others cannot see, life is a matrix, never certain, always with a brain impulse that evil stops the hear beating.

Yes please, sounding nice. Don't care about the mastering as the production is good enough and the vibe is nice
beats are there to be broken

Thanks. Do you own a label? Smile

I guess SoundCloud is a label all of its own and I am not taking any more orders so...

you should still put it out though Grin
beats are there to be broken


I'll put it up for free download on Bandcamp Xyxthumbs

as promised matt noisemonkey Jackson (and anyone else interested)

Kisskiss Hugs Wave

40 buys for "Bassomata" LP this week...thanks family.

thanks Muttley
beats are there to be broken

Being reviewed by nightshift magazine in novembers issue...lets hope they dont think its shit music

Well, they definitely didn't, and now its selling in art CD format for 5 pounds. Less than a round in Oxford!

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