RELEASE New fl on Bandcamp: Electric Jazz EP

More details later today.

WI'll be a free download.

Hey all :calm: so it seems there is not a bug with Music Maker Jam, the label platform for the software I engineer some of my tracks with (for example, half of "Bassomata LP" was made in the 8-track software application for ios and Google Play store for "Music Maker Jam"). But sadly I cannot provide you a free download, as Music Maker Jam are using my music to advertise with.

It is just that they are not allowing me to export "Electric Jazz 6 Track EP" outside their excellent app to Dropbox; keeping it within the listener community, keeping it off SoundCloud - keeping it released exclusively on their Music Maker Jam label.

This makes no odds to me...I'd rather not be breaking my back sorting through files and labelling/converting .ogg to .flac/.wav. Wink

Well I would actually, as I live to work, it's just what I call my "schiz switch". That is, saying the opposite of what I really want. I do this often; it's a nervous breakdown.

I really want to get this jazz stuff out there, so stay tuned for your sharing links.

I would appreciate you share my music - any or all of it - to people who would appreciate that, free of charge and burden.

Here you are.

Edited down to 5 tracks - 1 would not convert. It was an interlude anyway. This is the meat.

Would be willing to do more in this vein if people are feeling it.

Attention seeking asshole bump.

(6th July 2017, 11:32)Muttley Wrote: Attention seeking asshole bump.



Feck a buzz of 1225 listeners in 7 days though.

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