RELEASE Foci's Left - warneford wanderings l.p (foci left)

"This est. offering from Mick Robert Buckingham, aka Foci's Left, the ambient mainstay of the last 30 years creating just because he likes the sound of his own drones, carries on releasing more of the same here, to a point of pure closure, in what is surely the most focused "album" he has ever produced. The inaugural Longformacus "Drone Works" 9-hour Bandcamp L.P sounded like progress yet entirely charismatic; "Warneford Wanderings" posits a old/new leniency based on length. Stricter structures, based around NHS hospital music, with influences from Eno, Stars Of The Lid, and more. The record marks Michael Robert Buckingham as his last ever public MP3 and CD release, cataloguing 80 albums and 30 E.Ps on his site page".

Mastered by Robert Macciochi.

~ Andy Popin

So who fancies it?

rate or hate

pretty good Twothumbs

ygh street lobotomy is my favourite Rainbow

glad someone approves

in a year i'll look back and think 'this could have been a tighter album', but one take drones are what I was doing here...improve to the core.

this is all done, besides 'no religion', with the sts vsts

looking for a bit more love for this album
my mum likes it anyway Smile

my dad and social worker like It too. Smile

"warneford wanderings" marks the last release, forever, on my own Bandcamp page. I don't care anymore. It was too painful in the end.

I am done with making music with the idea of profiting from it.

From now on I will still occasionally hand-write my music, but most of the time I will be writing about music done by other artists except myself in the world. I will still put free to listen uploads and downloadable material on mine and Statto's Sound Cloud page. But none of that has to be paid for. I will keep the Bandcamp page up indefinitely, generate codes every now and then for fans.

187 visits in the last seven days to my page, so thank you.

The first post is to be constantly updated with worthy, life-changing, world highlights, of FL public career, before closure that no more messages need to be sent via the internet to parasites outside my circle.

I do not need to communicate with idiots, bigots, stealers, counterfeits, life-suckers, Satanists and casual skull-fuckers who mess this beautiful planet we can just about still call Earth.

I am sick of trash talking, airy fairy, pointlessly negative, hole-picking people with no positive purpose, parasitic logic-upsets, they are like flies on shit to my kind; our myopic slavery can only ever go on for so long - before I wish to return to my fighting ways, laugh at my suitors, consumers, and tip a beer over their collective head in succession. Or throw some Fisher Pryce toys at them. Instead of insulting them in front of their troglodyte families, the stupid pikey, opportunistic, cesspool-swimming wannabes.

I carried on living for people who love me, not to be trodden into shit holes like the Warneford Mental Health Ward.
This is what this albums is really about. A glimmer of hope always exists within good people. They are just immortalised by shite. Death to the trash, not live the pure dark web, also known as real life.

If my words offend you, to quote Mark Krebstakies


You are the cause of my trauma. Nobody else.

it's a good LP Xyxthumbs

Please share freely
Music is meant to be shared, not a product of self criticising.

I just gleefully watched Lady In The Van again finally.

"Its a good lp" is all the feedback Mr fl needs to hear on tgis particular release. 80th published record now going out in style. I ain't good looking but i'm someone's child. No-one can give me the air that's mine to breathe.
Currently im on tenterhooks to see if Nightshift Magazine really do enjoy my dnb offering Bassomata. The November issue is out from today afaik.

And did. Massively enjoy "Bassomata"
Damn I had a harsh August to October. To and about.
Worst months of the year award. Easily.
Then my parents bought me Pokemon Moon 3DS XL.
I've been up ever since. Totally re-evaluated my love life.
I was behaving like an insane psychopath in that post.
I stopped feeling the empathy of life. People's humanity.
Gratefully matters have improved drastically by now. Smile

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