Anyway, still on topic. I watched this fight back after many years of it first being shown on the BBC (2004).

Then IBO World Cruiserweight Champion Carl Thompson stopping a very impressive David Haye for the first time in his career. Haye was touted to win this fight;

Thompson 13 years later is 53 years old now.

Here is the all-hands adaptation:


Boxing fact: "Adrian" is Carl "The Cat" Thompson first line of address.

Carl changed his name because it wasn't deemed grisly enough.

Well impressed with the gutsy roughouse style of Stephen Tiffany against Troy James repeated on BN right now. Before the Sam Sexton win over Gary Cornish for the British title defence.

I think David Haye will neatly fold Tony Bellew in the rematch saga. Providing his body holds up of course. Bellew almost punched himself out last time.

Ready to watch the crap hit the fan.

I bought two books on boxing yesterday.

Steve Bunce - The Fixer (novel).
Ricky Hatton- Vegas Tales.

TFC Area Title - Sami  Salem vs. Romaine Porter

This is a pretty landmark record for me. Check it out on YouTube. Screened by http://www.maaction.com

Deontay Wilder Vs. Luis Ortiz

A hard one to call on paper, but in action I predicted Deontay in under 5 to KO Ortiz. Ortiz is too old, and too out of action. Either way, it's Deontay's best fight since Gerald Washington.

What The Experts Think Will Happen


Roy Jones Jnr 50th pro boxing contest

Picking up the WBU Cruiserweight title as a nice farewell in a competitive outpointing exercise on 8th February 18.

Anthony Yarde vs Tony Alvern

Much more competitive fight for The Beast Yarde, only stopping this chap complete because of corner retirement from body shots at the end of round seven.

Just picked up a 2009 Ufc dvd with five hours of footage from fights across the Ultimate Fighter franchise. Cannot wait to open it up.

Hiya guys n gals. Not touched down in this thread for a few months. Time for an update.


Good story here. Eubank Smith equals boring fight.
Tyson Fury meanwhile is talking way too much for my liking. Those who brag, do not know. Vice versa also.
I also find a glaring omission in that Deontay technically got knocked out on his feet by Ortiz yet people are counting on Deontay as being a Joshua beater. Fact is 4 years ago nobody heavyweight wanted to face Ortiz. But they look to the pumped up muscle men for advice.

Top-drawer Commonwealth Title Eliminator action watched tonight. A tremendous 12 round middleweight blitzkrieg between Kyrouge Daydan and Ben Savva.

Terence Crawford Vs Jeff Horn. Easy contender for fight of the year.

This weekend sees Tyson Fury make his 2nd appearance back on our screens in Carl Frampton undercard. Should be interesting, hopefully.


SV Progression 317: December's main fight attraction; Tyson Fury Vs Deontay Wilder

On Deontay Wilder Vs Tyson Fury: a heavenly heavyweight matchup which could go the distance. Tyson is walking the talk, so don't condemn him! Even if you don't like Fury (there are subjective reasons not to) he is putting the work in, while some of his so called fans are trashing the comments on social media with inane claptrap. "Crack smoker, washed up, fights bums" - so what, you little trolling gremlins? These gremlins troll boxers and celeb personalities all over the internet, so I wouldn't worry. Many whom have never fought at least amateur in a ring before. Get your facts straight before you rant on to a professional boxer about how bad he is, unless you're joking. You never know, you might just get lucky and get a punch on the nose yourself.

Tyson Fury has two options, he knows it and so do the watchful eyes. He can do to Deontay what he did to Klitschko: hit and not be hit for 12 rounds. Or, he can try and wear Wilder down, and force a stoppage in around rd 6. I've analysed Deontay's resume, he starts open, goes into his shell around rounds four to seven, wakes up again if his opponent is still there (Luis Ortiz could have TKO'd him in round 7 of their pairing), and then uses training smarts to try and close the fight. The problem with trying his usual game plan against someone like Tyson Fury is 1) Tyson for once is the bigger man, two inches taller than Wilder, and 2) Throwing windmills, as Anthony Joshua put it only gets you so far. Once you're put in with fast fluid and stronger opposition than Wilder (he's only 16 stone) then he's going to have problems. The only issues for Tyson Fury are ring rust and motivation, but Deontay could be argued to have had those throughout his entire career. Of course, Wilder's right hand is dynamite, but he only uses his jab as a paw, and to set up a right hook, also noteworthy.

Deontay's been defeated 5 times in the amateurs, and knocked out once in the pros. The KO percentage on his undefeated record is just that: boxers, if they feel undefeated (ie not back to the drawing board) still win their fight, because they won an opponent to fight. This is part of the bookmaker's journalism fix. Deontay's been knocking out people who either never got going, so he capitalised on it (see: Audley Harrison) or low level opposition, regardless of WBC rank (see Dominic Breazeale, not yet fought, whom Joshua jolted into submission). I make a prediction that Tyson Fury wins this fight on points, taking Wilder the embarrassing distance for the first time proper in his career. Bermane Stiverne did it to contend the WBC title he lost, and going the full 12 is also the only official way that "the fight" inside the ring is controlled enough for Tyson Fury to win for a full twelve rounds. Only boxers or martial artists who have fought will understand that bit - if a fighter is cut, i.e the action is cut because they get stopped or KO'd, but both boxers want to continue, then the match is halted, the film reels are sown up, and like after editing, the remainder video for the big screen is a stitch of the best bits.

Personally, I'd also like Fury to win more, just because despite all his controversial remarks over the years in the media, from anti-Semitism, racism, evangelism, bigotry, you name it, he's less of a corrupt dickhead. Anyone (Deontay Wilder) who can throw barbs like "I hope your son will be at the fight [to Dominic Breazeale] so he can look me in the eye as the man about to cripple his Daddy" on social media and in real life, with only a "forgive me for all I may have caused hurt to" on his Twitter after he got called out, presents him as a class A moron who needs his head examined at all costs.

This could be fight of the year, or it could be most disappointing brawl of the century, who knows. Or Wilder will just deck him.

Your choice, Tyson. Go get wilder, or get a career screwdriver.

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On my boxing feeds this week...

Jermall Charlo V Gennady Golovkin
News of a possible Wilder shoulder injury?
Canelo planned to fight again in December
Amir Khan V Kell Brook little headway
Lawrence Okolie stinking Wembley out
Anthony Joshua adaptive stance to southpaw

I don't know if there's a point of Floyd Mayweather coming out of retirement for the third time.

The only thing it does is cement his ego. 

Floyd is NOT an all time martial arts great. He's lead a charmed life of money fights and has a material attitude to life in general: throwaway, shallow and infertile, like his last five pound note.

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