hey guys new here.

I'm just curious if anyone remembers the old M4jungle site? or Djscopes old website?.


or the old vinyl network? site

Wave first website devoted to Jungle I remember using was drumandbassarena, shortly followed by dogsonacid and actually subvertcentral Smile ,for oldschool it was goldenerajungle as well as rolldabeats
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hello there Wave

Hi guys thanks for replying!!!

i'm wondering if any guys on here know Scope was involved in streetbeats, the drum and bass act from the 90s. it had a pretty cool website which released alot of there unrelesed material, i have just recently opened up a few boxes and have alottt of CDS and harddrives containing alot of music i downloaded from back in the days.

anyone familiar with psychopath? resin? Blunted?

is anyone familiar with guys like brubaker/miguel ayla/tobestar/blue

im trying to contact blue but everyone seems to say they dont know where he has drifted off too...


just trying to find some old bits and bobs ive been searching for, for years now and could possibly help someone or the artist themselfs if they've lost anything along the years

!!! [ampl][/ampl]

scope still admins this forum – at least I think he does - no one else updates the software anyway


as for blue... are you on facebook? Smile

Hi mate yes i am, on facebook.

why do you ask?. are you thee?? haha

(6th September 2017, 22:36)Inkwisitor Wrote: Hi mate yes i am, on facebook.

why do you ask?. are you thee?? haha

check your PMs Wave

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