Please Help Me Plan a Set for My Wedding


Im getting married in a few weeks and ive managed to sweet talk my sweetheart into letting spin some wax for old times sake at the end of the night. My mates and I grew up on a healthy diet of weed and mid to late 90's jungle/dnb, cutting our raving teeth at the Bassheads nights at the Matrix in Reading, circa turn of the millennium.

I was going to drop some golden oldies for all the head inside, as well as my rellies, in-laws and general well-wishers who are, suffice to say, not junglists.

As such, in the interest of inclusiveness, I am trawling through all my old records, CDs and Discogs looking for tracks that will appeal to all (I dont think Mutant Revisted or Phantoms (Nebula remix) will be getting much of a play out!) but also retain artistic and junglistic integrity, and so call upon the collective might of the SC to throw a few gems into the hat that I might have missed.

I have been focusing on more jazzy, good-times, uplifting, soulful, vocally, funky tunes that non-"heads" can get into (general music theory states melody and hook is important in this regard, but not essential!), but am not averse to something with a bit of grit. So far, i pieced together more than enough to cover the hour or so, but there is room for more choice! I have a few dead-certs so far:
  • 4 Hero - Escape that
  • Peshay - Vocal Tune
  • LTJ Bukem - Atlantis
  • Axis - One in Ten
  • Carlito - Heaven
  • Fugees - Ready or Not remix (fiancees request!)
  • Kosheen - Cruelty(? - cant remember which one off the Resist album - another fiancee request)
  • EZ Rollers - Pride
  • Adam F - Brand New Funk
  • Peshay - Truly
  • Breakbeat Era - Rancid
The rest Ive found so far that could be good:
  • Solid state - just a vision (MIST remix)
  • MJ Cole - Sincere remix
  • MIST - Universe
  • MIST - Lose Control
  • MIST - How you make me feel
  • Scorpio - Trouble
  • Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (FP remix)
  • Dead
  • Big Bud - Way of Life
  • Leviticus - Big Fat and Heavy
  • Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction
  • Underwolves - The Crossing Pt 2
  • Fusion Forum - Summer Mist
  • Makoto - Butterfly
  • Seba - Make my Way Home
  • Adam F - Music in My Mind
  • Sayag Jazz Machine - In Da Moon
  • Sayag Jazz Machine - Banana Georges
Im sure there are some killer tracks out there that would go down well and ive missed. Indeed, any jungle remixes of classic/well know pop/reggae tracks that people could relate to are worth considering too.

So, please dont be shy and throw whatever you think will appeal to all crew inside the place!



Great thread and congrats, here are my suggestions:

Alex Reece "Feel the Sunshine" - I always liked that one way better than Pulp Fiction

And of course Adam F's "Circles" Dance

That one might work, too:
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Original Nuttah

Being serious, I have tons of romantic recommendations

High Contrast - Make it tonight / mermaid scar / brief encounter
Ez rollers - tough at the top
Guardians of dalliance - beneath sunrise
Goldie - angel / you and me / inner city life
Pfm - one and only
Seba and lotek - so long

Lemme know if you want more!

Source Direct - Secret Liasons
Omni Trio - Rogue Satellite
J Majik - Your Sound
Dillinja - Sovereign Melody
Dbridge & Fierce - Daylight

Thank you all for your suggestions so far. Some really good tracks there that are definitely giving me food for thought!

@firefinga - I had heard that Un-Cut remix a few times are really liked it! Never knew the name tho. Might give it a whirl. While I love the others, they are perhaps a little too deep for the crowd. That said, Circles...

@Muttley - Cheers for the ammo! I had meant to put the EZ Rollers tune down. Absolute must given the audience! Id never really considered any High Contrast or GoD, so thanks for pointing me in that direction. Might drop some Dillinja toward the end, 'cause ... Dillinja! Gotta educate my fams a little too while im at it Wink

Remember, if you are serving drinks, people might be drunk & getting a bit messy by the end of the night, so don't be afraid to go deeper cuz you can still create a "peak time vibe" with a casual crowd, maybe drop Digital's "Deadline" just to wake up di place.  Wink

could work?  

congrats btw. best of luck selector!  Xyxthumbs

drop these.. if ya got em Smile

I used to dj in a 250 seater restaurant for a couple years, spinning dnb, early dubsteppy garage & stuff.. i know the vibe of playing to people & staff parties who might be hearing an amen break for the first time, etc. Back then, John B liquid tunes were an easy fit. If I kept it jazzy, funky, and musical, I could sneak in an eary Squarepusher tune in the mix back then. heh,. But yeah, John B liquid tunes, went down a treat.


Ah man, I hadnt heard that Real Time track for a long time! Takes me back and, im sure my friends too, so i think that one will certainly make it into contention. Thanks for that! I did like that Pivotal Records tune too. Nice vibes. Not such a fan of John B though.

Yes I am not a fan of John B either.

You would do well, however, to drop some London Elektricity tracks in the mix.

Early ones, like "Cum Dancing", "Billion Dollar Gravy", "Different Drum".

Absolute classics.

End very suited to the wedding archetype.

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