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little introduction piece part interlude to a new fl/fr/etc release, in my dropbox for you statto and annastay. ableton live 8 with hardware synths. next is using my korg sampler and guitar and casio. sent to the fans by dropbox. nothing on dropbox is explicit. at the same time, I keep a level of privacy and don't shout my wares out. meaning you should respect copyright. as teebee said once, "if u can't get it where ur at maybe it's not for u". this guarantees you won't waste your time. I love everything and everyone in the world, but I cannot realistically do that all at once, it doesn't work. because otherwise better justice is not reached. anyway, off the soapbox. i'm sick and tired of going around in circular blether.

I enjoyed writing this little ditty. it was inspired by playing my Nintendo 3ds in the pub with pikmin demo. I developed the original game in 2003. this game is relatively similar but updated as usual. which makes it better than the gamecube version; same graphics engine though. my family sold that game with my gamecube discs wallet eventually.

comments appreciated. Xyxthumbs

nice little tune Rainbow

The Epiphone recorded jazz guitar I added to the updated version in the same folder (for me) goes on slightly too long. Yes some people are going to love a 6 minute version instead of a 1m30 version. But there's something wrong with my playing conscience for me.

It's not consonant enough IMO.
Yes it sticks to the aeolian stroke mixolydian C-E chord structure, but jazz chords are things I always do, so I'm happier with the path taken by the original.

Thanks Statton.

OK WUNDERBREADS, has been updated.
Go see - free mastered download Xyxthumbs

It's a short 39 minute L.P. titled "All That Remain" and features a FL remix of Sophie Hutchings "Becalmed L.p." and a live piece titled "You Can Call Me Wiggy" which is affectionately some psychedelic wig-out. The intro, hastily enough, is "San Miguel".

Comments fastened to my chest Hugs

tomorrow maybe Kisskiss

Well that's about as kind as I would have expected Kisskiss

I liked the live track best, with the bonkers thing that suddenly bursts out around 12:30 Smile

Useful Yes

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