RELEASE Pokemon Fave Evolution EP - 15102017

made by michael robert buckingham on 15102017 on a korg triton and digital voice recorder.
tyranitar is my fave Pokemon of all time. it is a dark rock type of pokemon. it first was known in pokemon silver by me.
rumour has it there was a wild tyranitar in each game, which is the way i caught it. i then bred a stronger female to battle.
this was the product of catching a larvitar (female) in the cavern near the mountainous end path to pokemon silver.
i then bred this with the level 55 (caught at level 47, close to 52, which is also the evolution level from pupitar) tyranitar.
pupitar is like bug metapod, but just a rock type with very high defense and special attack. it evolved and over-doubled its hp.
tyranitar back then had a maximum of 808 hit points, which is what my level 100 friend grew to. i had so much fun in stadium.
he (and she) has my favourite skill set. able to learn fire blast, iron tail, dark pulse - and my favourite silver move, crunch.
crunch was only able to be learnt by 2 pokemon in silver and (gold) - houndoom and tyranitar. houndoom had an average of base hp.
what i mean by that is, a dark type with the same strength as the original starting pokemon you begin with in each edition.
tyranitar is able to be far stronger, a real soft-hearted bruiser of a pokemon if you treat it right. its contemporary evolver is yungoos.
i am unsure if in the brand new (tested for 3 months by me) pokemon moon (or inverted time sun) games tyranitar will appear.
at present, there are lots of dark type (pure dark, the closest to normal paradoxically) in the alola starting regions. they love me.
"pokemon fave evolution ep" is designed to reflect all these sentimental nerdy memories that have been bubbling away until now.
i hope you enjoy it. Grin

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