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The Selected Ambient by Aphex on that link up there leading to Bandcamp, I don't remember hearing half of this the same way, it's really grabbing me late at night, a solid listen.

(17th September 2018, 19:37)Spectraz Wrote: RQ - Solid Ground LP

Wanderwelle - Gathering of the Ancient Spirits

That RQ album will be huge, judging by the sampler EP. Perhaps one of the albums of the year.
Too bad that it won't come out on CD though

(13th June 2018, 10:25)Euphony Wrote:


Down to the last 20 or so copies now Smile

[Image: 2nkp4w3.jpg]
[Image: 307sv91.jpg]

I got some other RQ stuff off ASC from the Auxiliary archives, going to listen through to that this week.
As ever, I remember no names or titles.

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