MIX The Omni Sessions Part LX

This is the last offficial Omni Session previewed on Alpha Radio on 7th November 2017
Eschaton will be mixing twice a month at http://www.alpharadio.live/ 8pm to 10pm UK time, so expect more Omni Dubs, Electronica, Classic DnB and much much more on his shows.

[Image: omni_sessions_60.jpg]


Eschaton – Bohr (Omni Music)
Eschaton – 15 Years later (Omni Music)
Coldicus – Luv Ya (Eschaton Remix) (Homework)
Eschaton – A Dream I once Lived In (Omni Music)
Eschaton – Hidden Realities (Omni Music)
Eschaton – Persian Flight (Materializm)
Eschaton – Electron (Omni Music)
Eschaton – All is Transient (Omni Music)
Eschaton – Sands of Time (Omni Music Dub)
Eschaton – 1990 (Omni Music Dub)
Eschaton – Trapped In Crystal (Omni Music)
Eschaton – Duality (Omni Music)
Eschaton – There is No Empty Space (Uncertified)
Eschaton – Enchanted (Omni Music)
Made In Russia – Crash Planet (Omni Music Dub)
Meanone – Lost in Arcus City (Omni Music Dub)
Audioholic – Pure (Omni Music Dub)
Meanone – Planet Intikilei (Omni Music Dub)
Limit – Prekrasnoe (Burelom)
Infest & Mr Walker – Love Serenade (Uncertified)
Audioholic – Rubber Riddim (Omni Music Dub)
Meanone – Shimmering Dashboard (Omni Music Dub)
Audioholic – Golden Skies (Omni Music Dub)
Meanone – Spaceship Named Tranquility (Omni Music Dub)
Limit – So Good (Dissemmetrical)
Audioholic – Not Enough (Omni Music Dub)
Infest & Dave Hoax – Virtue of Falling (Next Phase)
Asymmetric – Don't Trust the Words (Dissemmetrical)
Infest & Mr Walker – Got to Believe (Uncertified)
Mac-V – Cultivate (Next Phase)
Asymmetric – Influence (Dissemmetrical)
Simon Bean – Nostalgia (Omni Music Dub)
Fjell – Onesixty (Next Phase)
Asymmetric – Make a Point (Burelom)
Simon Bean – Ethics (Omni Music Dub)
Asymmetric – Affect (Burelom)


>>>>>>>>>>>>>STREAMABLE MIXCLOUD LINK HERE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Does it mean that there won't be Omni Music Session XC or C at some point? Icon_sad
Hope these forthcoming shows will be also downloadable, as your sets is the best way to check what forthcoming goods Omni Music has up their sleeve Smile

I will post up all the radio shows, so don't worry about that 🙂

I have 2 previous shows to post up here, will get that done soon Smile


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