d*bstep.. more like rotting on my doorstep @#!

instant stream of consciousness thought for a thread title, ya dig?  lol. 


We all know NOBODY listens to dubstep anymore. Scratch SadwavePerhaps for good reason too. I mean.. imo, trap has usurped most of dubstep's production sounds, while incredibly simplifying production techniques 10 fold, AND has jointly provided an even MORE extreme bass perversion for those that need it. Dubstep seems rather pedestrian by today's standards in bass music productions, imo. In 2017,  i view dubstep as a mere footnote to what was to come.  Still, you can't deny, whether good or bad, bass musics, hip-hop, trap, later eras of dnb (as we know), and a myriad of current commercial pop electronic tunes heard anywhere today, would NOT be here without dubstep.  It happened.  People know what dubstep is..  the general public who know nothing of dance music lingo, know the term "dubstep".   The sound was completely integrated, and passively received, perhaps killing any "edge" the music may have had, of course.  In all honesty, a dark, instrumental trap mix is more interesting to listen to, more "head nodding" , subversive, and extreme in comparison.  

If anything, I think that any notable reference to dubstep today might merely reinforce the standard UK garage connection, which I am a fan of, from back in the day. There are still blips of decent tunes posted about.  It has been roughly 15 years + of reference points you can sift through now. I stopped listening in... I can't even remember. Maybe 2006?  I was even still djing back then. Perhaps some of the Skull Disco releases were some of my final dubstep vinyl purchases back then?  Hotflush was moving on, as were other labels and producers.   "brostep" killed it for me.. perhaps the genre in general.  Things moved on and changed, as we all know. Grime stepped up again in recent years, to various degrees.  I STILL listen to old Hotflush Recordings podcast and mixes.  Earlier Hotflush Recs is always an instant reference point for me, it is like "comfort food" for my sonic tastes. heh. Hotflush was always quality back then. TOASTY for life really. Smile

Kahn & Neek, Bandulu Recs, doing it for recent stuff.   I might check out blips here and there. Hence this thread. 

Random dubstep picks, from 15+ years of music now, perhaps some grime'ting as well.   Including stuff I've never heard myself, nor checked out before the music fell void to my needs.   Feel free to share your own discoveries and gems. 

Cheers.  Xyxthumbs

Truth - Deep Medi Musik, October 2017.  

I like this.  



1. Wen - Play Your Corner ft. Riko (Kahn & Neek remix) [Dubplate]
2. Kahn - Abattoir [Dubplate]
3. Hi5Ghost(?) - ????.[Dubplate]
4. Ago - That's What I Was Talking About Back In '96 [Dubplate]
5. Gantz - Free Focus (Commodo remix) [Dubplate]
6. Kahn & Neek - ???? [Dubplate]
7. Joker - Snake Eater (Gemmy remix) [Kapsize]
8. ???? [Dubplate]
9. Kahn & Neek - Dick Tracy [forthcoming Bandulu]
10. Kahn & Neek - Got My Ting (Pun Riddim) [forthcoming Bandulu?]
11. Ishan Sound - Namkha [Tectonic]
12. Digital Mystikz - Earth A Run Red [Soul Jazz]
13. Search & Destroy - Candyfloss (Loefah remix) [Hotflush]
14. Impey - 4titude [Sector 7]
15. D.O.K - Cardio (Spooky remix) [Dubplate]
16. Breen - Hooded Up VIP [Dubplate]
17. Lington - Bounty [White Peach]
18. D Double E - Wolly (Kahn & Neek version) [Dubplate]
19. Soloman vs. Bok Bok - Silo Hoe [Dubplate]
20. Bok Bok - Silo Pass (Breen remix?) [Dubplate]
21. Zha - Levels [White Peach]
22. Kahn & Neek - ???? [Dubplate]
23. Joker & Double - Real in My Zone [Dubplate]
24. Boofy - Since When VIP [Dubplate]
25. Plasticman - The Search (Kahn & Neek remix) [Terrorrhythm]
26. Hi5Ghost - Kung Fu Kick (Kahn & Neek's happyslap remix) [Bandulu]
27. Trends - Hypnotised [Dubplate]
28. Kahn & Neek - Lock Off [Dubplate]
29. Alias - Southside Warriors (Gundam remix) [Dubplate]
30. Digital Mystikz - Haunted [DMZ]
31. Coki - Goblin [Ringo]
32. Search and Destroy - Food Chain [Texture]
33. Hi5Ghost & Trends - Duppy Maker [Paper Cranes]
34. Jammer - Murkle Man [Jahmektheworld]
35. Coki - Burnin [W/lbl]
36. Kahn - Dread (Gorgon Sound remix) [forthcoming Deep Medi]
37. Kahn & Neek - Thief in the Law [Bandulu]
38. Kahn & Neek - Thief in the Law (Hi5Ghost VIP) [Dubplate]
39. Plasticman - Section 7 [Southside Dubstars]
40. Oatz - Untiltled (Kahn & Neek remix) [Dubplate]
41. Kahn & Neek - Soundboy Obliterator [Dubplate]
42. Tempa T - Battle Riddim [W/lbl]
43. Peverelist - Roll With The Punches [Punch Drunk]
44. Kahn & Neek - Percy VIP [Dubplate]
45. Nu Brand Flexxx - Anthem ft. Maxwell D [Dubplate]
46. Bomb Squad - B.O.M.B [Movement Records]
47. ???? [Dubplate]
48. Kahn & Neek - Backchat [Hotline]
49. J Capri & Charly Black - Whine & Kotch [W/lbl]
50. Buju Banton - Batty Rider [Penthouse]
51. Gorgon Sound - ???? [Dubplate]
52. Harmonic 313 - Lion feat. Riko [Warp]
53. T2 - Heartbroken (???? remix) [????]
54. Groove Chronicles - Stone Cold [Groove Chronicles]
55. Killa P - I No [Roll Deep Recordings]
56. Jeremih - Fuck You All The Time (Akito's Ice Rink bootleg) [Dubplate]
57. Hanna - Love is Blind (TRC remix) [Yep Yep]
58. Smith & Mighty - B Line Fi Blo [Studio !K7]

Shut up.


bass is stronger than your meds. sorry kid.

I'm sorry too. And yes. Hence why i only take what i'm told.
Please, carry on.

Slap     Hugs

I thought of something to add.
Scuba Fabriclive Mix from 2016.
Its great. Although i cant really tell if it's
Hmm...techy dubstep maybe?
It was Surgeon-like 140bpm variants.

There has been that paradigm
120 bpm 140bpm 180bpm
The BassBrothers mix im hearing
Its dnb based but dubsteppy
I never got into trap much
It was half fad diet one tune

^^ Scuba.. yes. Dude has range. Smile I concur. Haven't checked much recent Scuba specific mixes in a bit. Will go digging. Hence this thread Smile

see.. there's a new Bug release kicking about, releasing this week via Ninjatune.


As much as I am a fan of most things K. Martin and various Flowdan offerings for that matter, the new tune is... boring. Haven't heard the flip yet. The Bug has range. not dubstep specific at all in range, but you can still discuss Bug offerings within the context, right?

I'm underwhelmed.


the new Bug.. or this?  

for bass extremeties, ya know?  

(... just to emphasise my wanky, trap production is more interesting than standard dubstep these days opinion..)  there's tons of garbage trap of course, but for the hard stuff, I like some of it for sure.


we'll turn off that above ^^ racket now. digression averted.

this is great.

Sigha from back when.


random listens.



this isn't dubstep, but it's sounding pretty good at 3:25 in the morning...


^^ yes, and Doc Scott "Honey" from the same comp.    I agree.   Smile

I just went out to dinner with Momsie & my brother. I had the scarlxrd "Heart Attack" tune in my head the whole time.   Kids are bumping that sort of shit.. hard.  On their phones and stuff, smoking blunts & dm'ing each other dirty pics on snapchat or whatever they use.

things have changed.   Smilie08sim

I just skimmed beatport's top dubstep list and it is pretty dire.  Oops   I won't be finding gems and new discoveries there.  utter garbage.


i have respite tho.   more Deep Medi joints i've never heard before.  2012, 2015 releases Cool


this Foamplate chap is pretty deep in the smoke.

bare bones riddims with personality.


wow, Ago - Above...    


Foamplate - Tabula
DubDiggerz - Spear dub
Foamplate - Quake
Foamplate - Conflct
Dub Diggerz - InTemi
Karma - Static
Sub Basics - Dizz
Foamplate - Just About
Mikael - Nilsia Dub
Foamplate - 696
VIVEK - Killa
?? - ??
Foamplate - Lost
?? - ??
Foamplate - No body
Sleeper - Holy Guacamole
?? - ??
Karma - Heal VIP
Karma - ??
Sleeper - Operator Dub (Foamplate remix)


Ago - Above
Foamplate - The Quake Step up
Sleeper - Holy Guacamole
K-Man - Save data
Hindzy D - Target (Sub Basics remix)
Jackson - Bloom
Causa - Ampire
Jackson - Doom
Bukez Finezt - Under Control (Foamplate)
Foamplate - Fuzz
Ago - Opium Riddim
Foamplate ft. Dego Rankings - System/Champion Sound (?)
VIVEK - Crucial Dub
Foamplate - Snoopy
Sub Basics - Dizz
Foamplate - Conflict

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