MIX Static Resemblance - Muttley 15 MOF Pt. 125

Muttley - 15 MOF Pt. 125 - Static Resemblance - November 2K17

Lab Creation - Sol Invictus (Bitrate Music 2007)
Alaska - Shiver (Artic Music 2005)
Resonant Evil - Doomsday Device (Loxy & Verse Remix) (Outbreak 2005)
Blame - Desert Planet (Strictly Digital 2004)
dBridge - Bastion (The Blueprint EP, Bingo Beats, 2005)
Future Prophecies - Eastern Organic (Soundtrax 2004)
Hidden Paranoid Society - Tundra (Exegene Unreleased 2005)
Illskillz - The Beat (Illskillz Recordings 2005)
ASC - Aftershock (Covert Operations Series III Sub Series 2005)
Alaska - Ancestral [high pressure limiting mix] (Artic Music 2005)

35 minutes. Download link: 

This mix was recorded at equalised 187bpm. For luxury, I have provided a downtempo speed version (between 110-160bpm). Download link: 

The reason for this is the limiting style of "mix within mix" cuts off certain transients in the music you hear. 
And not everyone has an Mp3 player (see Cowon D2, Samsung S6 and above) with a speed alter function. 
So the fast 35 minute mix is about power; so the slow 35 minute mix is about endurance and comfort. We hope you enjoy.

Download link for the normal speed version (goes between 160-190 bpm 1/16ths):


Just rendering the lower tempos version now.

Download link for the 40 BPM speed version (much better IMO)


Even if it is over twice as long at 85 minutes deep.

Seems to be 5his one tune hasn't got so much popularity.

But its only been a day. Lol

I'm currently listening to Doris Day


Cheers, Chairman Alf.

Til death do us part...

:xxx: Mutley-ani1

Black Sabbath - Iron Man

I like the idea of 40 bpm version of the mix, good call. ( I am a fan of some chopped & screwed stuff from a few years ago Smile )

I will listen to the mix tonite.

Thanks. Smile

Roll up roll up! Get your education that train-wrecking is really hard to do, (because the mixology system relies on fifths and sixteenths to construct a scene) here!

Yeah the 40 bpm version is much more nourishing...maybe it's because 60 bpm is the natural standard for a human heart beat, and this is so immediately releasing; so anti-suffering; and so intimate. Lovesmilie

I just want to be normal - one of the pack, not the black sheep that escaped from the pen.

Getting some serious highs from IRN-BRUing this together with the 187bpm version

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