Long time

I haven't logged in for about 6 years! Are you all still here?  Eek

(1st December 2017, 14:03)pacific Wrote: I haven't logged in for about 6 years! Are you all still here?  Eek

A few of us still post here. I recently came back myself from a long hiatus after having been tired with the scene. I understood that there is a revitalization going on within several genres, and I had completely missed a lot of good producers involved with the Electronica, Drum 'N' Bass, ambient, and techno fields.

hey hey Wave

not seen you since you blocked me on FB for some unknown reason

I'm still here. Not a ghost in machine just yet.
Subvert and FB are the two forums I bother visiting today.

Well, a lot have given up on music, those who still are mostly migrated to social media Icon_sad I did for a while too, but it turned out I don't like that really so I stay here and post n comment a little here and there.
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Up our own asses junglist crew say high five!

I only use FB for posts - I find comments are not worth it.

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