The Who

I don't care what you think, I've always liked The Who Hahaha

Music critic for the Tally Ho

I had a friend as a kid who made me a mixtape with The Ramones "Halfway to Sanity" lp, Siouxsie and the Banshees "Peepshow" lp, Violent Femmes debut lp, and "My Generation" lp by The Who.

I liked the mixtape.


I care what you think. I remember "My Generation" temporally, like it was literally always recorded yesterday. I'm also a fan of Lawrence Ball's "Imaginary Sitters" impressions of Pete Townshend's solo material. I have a 2CD of the stuff from Tony Bonyata of Pavement PR in my CD collection. It is wonderful electronic escapism, not rockist at all.

I've enjoyed every Who documentary I've seen, but more the gig action than anything else. Seeing them live in America through my Sky Arts connector was good. Nice, interesting idiomatic visuals of the showtime/downtime construct and audience-reflective political consciousness.

For example, how everything is relatively colourful on stage instead of needless scrapping of metal. Except trashing their guitars deliberately, which is frankly laughable and pointlessly anarchist.

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