RELEASE Foci's Left - Voices Deactivate Mania LP (Free)

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music focusses on the concept of volume of sounds decreasing mania fixation in the mental locum.

in other words, "voices deactivate mania".

this is my best of lp for 2017. artwork courtesy of

over 50 site visits since and 29 donations for this rekkerd to date. thanks so much.

it's not a lot, but remember, nobody - me - cares about you.

take care yo

have fun

micky love Smile

I'm wracking my small pieces of goldfish brain left for a MixCraft-created selection of ambient for Xmas. But honestly, my stuff is so derivative of my music previously published. But this is to chill it, to naturalise it. This was the original.

By that measure, i have found too many times for the sake of making breakthrough art, in my limited context, all it does is confuse people like me; it turns us into conceptualist zombies.

I have found serenity in the idea of measures.
Applying diatonic metre and aeolian scale commonly. Because my music is naturally heavy.

There is all a present given for tense; the gift of time; the idiomatic locus of interpretation.

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