NEWS fl fans newsletter 14th january 2018

hello foci left fans in general. a short message for u having interest. it concerns the directions taken by my latest music.
inspirationally, i've been really taken by james kirby's dementia 3cd themed project, everywhere at the end of time (boomkat).
when i listen to it, it feels like grey matter is spilling from my brain into reality to create the sounds. total headspace.
i think it might be some form of electronics exegesis? don't quote me on that. either way, our own reality is real for us.

the bottom line is foci left will always be about a type of blacklisters ideology; a careering towards the left wing in
perception and general attitude towards life. yet although i "always" follow politics more than the average Sun reader, the
Trump-tastic gluttony of headlines recently has befuddled me somewhat living in the UK. he has become the shithole of speech.

so i have for one become interested by the very real (to me) concept of fake news, but only when fake news takes in a frame of
reference - take the "study diamond" used across courses by the open university, which concentrates on "Effects/Techniques/
Context/Meaning" to create the aposite parallel to "fake news"; i.e "true news". News that exists. And in the nature of making
music true to oneself, real music with real effects, techniques, context and meaning attached to it.

although this statement of intent is nothing new in this corner of the Earth, and especially Bandcamp, a site that keeps open
policies paramount, it felt necessary for me to restate that now having produced well over 200 remembered album skeletons, i can
not just be chucking up any old offal to bring to the party. you won't be finding any exorbitant prices if you read the texts,
and you won't be finding any torpid music if you take in its true reality.

I guess it's a call for me to my fans to "keep thinking; keep looking beyond Trumpian empirical understanding".

Note: Trump knows what empirical means, so do you if you focus left. Wink Take care, lots of love, Michael B xxx

if you are a new arrival to fl (foci left), please visit to find out more.

When i watch combat sports, i dont want anyone to get knocked out. This goes against the bloodthirsty beastiality of neanderthals who would rather steal your lunch money at school than be pure and true with us.

I have been blessed in life with my relations, as most of the time the nasty party just hide in the shadows because we have all outlawed them by now. Nasty thugs and abusive women thrive on the breadline of others, moving like psychopathic crocodiles submerged in water holes.

I blame social media for dramatising fake news.

hey, thanks for tuning in everyone. as a thank you for the £75 imagined BC funds for my music subscription on NYD, here's a little Basinski-esque free gift.

"Birth Paean" is my new loop for the week.
I've played this on repeat over 50 times and I'm still not tiring of it.
So that must mean it's ready for publishing. Think Eno, Basinski, Grouper of the "Dragging The Streets" and Root Strata era, and the soft incantations of Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd working together.

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