RELEASE [FL][NewLP] Ultrawerld Vol.1 - Inner World

Another fully realised LP from this established self-talker here, CD/Digi.
This time, the music is primarily based on Korg sample loop patches I have recorded and then re-recorded, overdubbed and spliced this month (Valentines 2018 was the cut-off date). The loops are generally tape decayed, switched between in patterns and formed out of gentle noodles.

Although this is a release of sorts, being on my Band Camp site and all, I would like to think of it as a sort of demo for labels looking for a split.
Omni Music (6 releases on), I'm primarily looking at you here.

This is all ambient schtuffs, not dnb. A heavy new age vibe abounds it all.
I hate the term new age, then I contradict myself because it fits the era.
Think Max Richter (who is sampled in Vol.II and edited), Enigma, Oldfield (Mike and Terry, in this case). Mostly, though, I would like to think the music defies narrow description bases. The aim... was to go in soft, instead of the usual FL "bright and harsh" overproduction. Anyway, enjoy, this is being given out here as a free gift, so spread the word if you like up and coming artists who do not intend to repeat work ever in their catalogue.  more
released February 14, 2018  

Mrb - Mike Robert Buckingham - synths, programming, mastering, de-essing, post production, track ordering. Livvy - for the inspiration. <3
Artwork an edited image from cutefywallpaper on the internet, 4.0 C.
all rights reserved

The 2nd vol is coming up shortly. 
Once i figure out what's left on side two.

these are nice Rainbow

Thank yoooo my number one fan.
I've had a root through the demos and I'll be putting that 47 minute piece as track three in order to shake things up a bit as well as smooth them out for everyone lovin the more mature FL style.
Well, it is only mature drama in the sense that I've stopped fucking with people's heads.

Sooo....Ultrawerld Vol.II - Outer World has arrived on the web.

Another "name your price" release, this time with a greater focus on acoustic guitar, Max Richter mash-up, goa trance and spoken word; collapsed with snippets of synth and woven around a tape-decayed psychedelic spindle of five tracks in 31 minutes, a full EP sound which feels more like an LP length after listening to the majority of it. I think it's as good, for different reasons; I want to do more of the "stretched, easy stuff" as well as the "hard, sinewy stuff" that most producers avoid because it's too difficult to pull off with their set up. I have a very economical set up, thank goodness, being buffeted daily by the fans who choose to support me. I just make use of the right amount of hardware and software, and I mainly started out with VST programs, however now I'm almost totally the opposite, in the box.

Comments and free musical remixes appreciated. I love my life.

[Image: a2185283715_10.jpg]

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Knocking On Life's Landmine (Uphold The Spirit Of Pokemon) 00:00 / 47:36

+ 1 Aphexian track

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Knocking On Life's Landmine (Uphold The Spirit Of Pokemon) 47:36

Under Alola's Aquarium Seas (Pokemon Overture) 12:05
To conclude the trilogy in my trademark style, Longformacus stretches the track recordings lengths out to over ten minutes for each file. The first piece is the longest, a Pokémon Ultra Moon cartridge inspired cut whereby I had played and modified these melodies as pre-saved samples on my Korg computer synth six months before release this year, and now I return to the data banks the sounds are very similar to the Pokémon Ultra Moon soundtracks across the years, only emulated - I would never take credit for that ultra magic! They are very "digital, loopy, tape-decayed", yet "polished, neon, neoprene, circumstantial" flows of melody and sampledelia, recorded in the same fashion (being the very first in the series to come out later) instalments to "Ultrawerld 3CD".

Feel free to make your own compact discs on blank CD-Rs and or play this out, this stuff is very mixable, very ambient and quite easy to get along with! A rarity for this personality, haha! Still, friends know I love you lots. <3
If anyone wants high quality samples in this vein in future, email! xoxo
released February 24, 2018

Artwork generated as a free Bing/Google search image by searching "Middle World Images", to tie in with the theme of The Ultra World/Ultra Beasts in Pokémon, not less Lord Of The Rings Mythology and Pokémon animation.
all rights reserved

There's a good preview of Quiet Evenings new album two tracker on as an accompaniment and alt. Release from the shadows.

Quite enjoying the Noveller - Glacial Glow Lp on Bc in this style of loopy instrumental music.

Creative bump.
If you like FL, try Rime Trails new album out on the Bandcamp site for Shimmering Moods label.

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