Jungle John Peel played on his various shows

I am editing the playlists at this john Peel wiki every now and then, an he played a good deal of jungle on his various shows. I will post the youtube links to tracks he used to play I happen to stumble across. Starting off early 1995:

Music critic for the Tally Ho

A John Peel fav around September 1993

Music critic for the Tally Ho

Falcon Johnpeel Falcon

TKO - Rolf Harris (2004)

Peel also played "Time For Change" by Klute as his last tune. Considering jungle and dnb the same, you can understand more in his biography. "Rolf Harris" meanwhile has an overdriven Bambaata vibe by Shy FX and T Power. I think Mr. Peel played that too. All love. Shame on my memory for missing earlier years out.

(19th May 2018, 07:02)firefinga Wrote: A John Peel fav around September 1993

Interesting to hear that JP played this one!
A track by Nick Power; from kiss fm, pulse fm and music power records BITD.

Yep, DJ ML, here is a copy n paste from the peel wiki:

1993, Peel shows, Available online, and 2 more
10 September 1993 (BFBS)
Show Edit


   John Peel's Music On BFBS


   BFBS (Germany)




Tracklisting Edit

   Jesus Lizard: Glamorous (EP - Lash) Touch And Go TG121
   Franz Beckenbauer 1-0 Für Deine Liebe (1-0 For Your Love) (v/a album - Bend It! 93 - Soccer Boppers... Pop Explosion... Football Style...) Exotica pelé 5c
   Greylox: Call The Cops (12" - Call The Cops / Teknicks Dex) Buzz BUZZ 2T
   Undertones: My Perfect Cousin (7") Sire SIR 4038
   Gorky's Zygotic Mynci: Barbed Wire (10" album - Patio) Ankst ANKST 040
   John has another wee dig at Gorky's full length name.....
   Hameed El Shaery (حميد الشاعري): Aflam Aflam (أفلام ... أفلام) [album - Shabeyat (شعبيات برؤية حميد الشاعري)] Sout El Hob ‎– none
   Stereolab: French Disco (10" - Jenny Ondioline) Duophonic D-UHF-D01
   Bum: At The Well (At The Well) Lucky LKY 006
   Johnboy: New Jersey Roadbase (album - Pistolswing ) Trance Syndicate TR 16
   Devon Russell: Watch Out (album - Sings Roots Classics) Zion WWLP2
   Trumans Water: Enflamed (album - Godspeed The Punchline) Elemental ELM 15
   John forgets to announce the above trackname as he is busy telling us about the Reading Festival which he then gets fed up of. He then refers to his BFBS postbag, which is understandably light as the listenership are performing manouevres to protect him, but plays the next track which was sent to him by a listener from the Ukraine...
   Ivanov Down: Outch Putch (v/a album - Новая Сцена. Underground From Ukraine! 14 Bands From Kiev & Kharkov) What's So Funny About.. ‎– SF133
   Otis Mbuta Et Matchatcha: 'Le Monde Est Fou (The World Is Mad) (LP-Le Monde Est Fou) Afric
   Slug: Hambone City (7") Sympathy For The Record Industry SFTRI210
   Link Wray: Ace Of Spades (7") SWAN
   John evangelises about the perfect simplicity of the above
   Yo La Tengo: Nowhere Near (album - Painful) City Slang 04927-1
   Bleach: Teenage Monk (mini-CD Fast) Musidisc 110322
   Genlog: Area 747 (12" - It Feels So) Low Spirit Recordings EFA 02160-02 MS
   Guided By Voices: "Wished I Was A Giant" (album - Vampire On Titus) Scat Scat31
   Valentines: Stop the Violence (v/a album - Rudies All Round) Trojan CDTRL 322
   Wives: Grinding () Red
   Leonard Nimoy: Where It's At (album - Highly Illogical) Rev-o-la CREV 017CD
   La Nouvelle Generation: Frein Arman
   Kleenex: U (Angry Side) (v/a album - Lipstick Traces) Rough Trade R2901
   Amusing piece on John's non-understandng of Leftist Sound Poetry complete with his own rendition of same, either side of the above track...further rant on whether feminist battle has been one - a must listen
   Pushkins: Same Old Story (mini-album - Pumpkin Head ) Jawbone Jaw 1
   Jamming Unit: Unknown track
Music critic for the Tally Ho

January 1995:

Music critic for the Tally Ho

JP played this in may 1995 on his show:

Music critic for the Tally Ho

I can recall John playing "Cybotron" by Dillinja in the late nineties.

In November  1994 John Peel played this tune Falcon
Music critic for the Tally Ho

John Peel played gthe following on his show 1st of February 1997 :Falcon

Music critic for the Tally Ho

On the show from October 7th he played the following :Badger

Music critic for the Tally Ho

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