World Cup 2018

This year is the first time I don't feel like watching much, possibly nothing of the World Cup. FIFA is so corrupt. And then there's Putin. And the latest Euro wasn't a hotbed of good football either.
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I guess I'll watch until England get knocked out


My amateur bet is that Germany wins against Brazil in the final.

Brilliant move by the Spanish Football Association - sacking the team coach a couple of days before the tournament. Now THAT will boost their chances immensly
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I think (hope) that England will have a good tournament.

QF would be a great achievement. Xyxthumbs

I have drawn England in my office sweep-stake!

I thought that the English squad looked quite decent, and may be on their way towards the quarter-, or even semifinals.

Strangely enough, England looked like one of the strongest teams so far. Germany was a disappointment, but so was Brazil.
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Yes mickey love was very proud of eng today.
They shud av got at least 7 goals from dem chances doe!
Imagine dat...7-1.
Without shitterref they could av made it 7-0!
But it's eng, it's shit.

wow, the French are minimalists. 2:1 and 1:0. But they need to step up the game, if they really wanna be contenders.
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Argentine was incredibly weak. Looks as if Messi will never achieve a world cup title.
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Germany their usual satanic selves, pure comedy swindle 30 seconds to not get knocked out the cup. A hearty lol was had by me.

I haven't had the chance to catch all games, but here are a few comments at this point in the tournament.

Group A

I think that a lot of people held Egypt to be one of the favourites in the group, however, with the unfortunate injury pre-world cup, Salah didn't have a proper chance to get their team where they wanted to be right in the beginning of the tournament. Uruguay are obviously the stand out team in the group.

Group B

I think that both Spain and Portugal are on their way through after tonight, although Iran has 3 points. If they come out swinging tonight it might become interesting.

Group C

I haven't seen France yet in the tournament (due to family responsibilities), although I have seen Denmark. I hope that Denmark come out as number two in the group.

Group D

Argentina is the big dissapointment in the group. You simply can't go out and play a little casual football, you have to come out fighting and be on point during the entire 90 minutes. Iceland was a one hit wonder and Croatia deserve to go through to the playoffs.

Group E

No extraordinary results here yet, but perhaps Serbia can come out with a win in the next game. I think that Brazil can play better than they have been playing. They need to up their game in order to win the tournament.

Group F

Mexico are on a roll, and they are clearly one of the tournament's best teams. It's fun to see them; such energy, and such speed. I'm looking forward to see how far they can go. Germany dissapointed me in the first game, but I think they will make it through. Sweden are terrible, because they aren't playing football. The players aren't building their game and Germany outclassed them in passing, shooting, and all other metrics. Sweden aren't capable of commanding a game and they tend to play a "hail Mary"-game where they hope that the ball somehow will end up behind in the net. I have no idea as to why Martin Olsson isn't playing, because Sweden would have a better side with him. Here are the only players that have been decent: Granqvist, Ekdal, and Olsen.

Group G

England is the nice surprise here, and I'll hope they can continue their run. The tabloids should put a sock in it and just passively see the England squad deliver. I hope the players can avoid the russian vodka. Belgium on the other hand has also scored eight goals, thus they deserve to go through to the playoffs.

Group H

Poland have underperformed and a tipped that they would go through to the playoffs. Poland was my biggest miss in pre-tournament predictions. Colombia are looking good, and hopefully they can come out on top in the next game and go through to the next round. Japan plays football, but they fall like pins at a bowling park when faced with a tall opposition.

Spain will win against Russia, and Uruguay will win against Portugal.

(22nd June 2018, 07:33)firefinga Wrote: Argentine was incredibly weak. Looks as if Messi will never achieve a world cup title.

but they got through anyway Grumble

Wow. Germany out, worst I have ever seen from them. Well deserved, actually.
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No offence Germany, but Germany and football are like Australia with cricket. It was high timing they got taken down a notch and didn't completely get through with smarmy tactical last minute maneuvers. I'm sick of them winning all the time, and I think the rest of Europe are too. Just because you can play football, doesn't mean you have to be a bunch of miserable bastards.

France - Argentina
Uruguay - Portugal
Spain - Russia
Croatia - Denmark
Brazil - Mexico
Belgium - Japan
Sweden - Switzerland
Colombia - England

My predictions:


fuck me, this match is boring: Russia have everyone behind the ball and Spain are just passing it back and forth in front of them Roll Roll Roll

What exactly did you expect from Spain and Russia, o Bobby Charlton?

Yesterday was fudgin awesome: for a while I watch any match in a pub: drunken noisy gobshites who have no comprehension of anyone else's feelings slurring at each other. Very funny. And funky. But noise for noises sake. So billowed my rig on FL RADIO afterwards (Spotify stream) w unreleased and co-produced music by Counterstrike.


Well done to Brazil. I don't know what you think, but from 70 minutes to 85-goal 2 for Brazil - Mexico looked like they had absolutely no idea what they were doing. They looked totally bereft of a game plan. I wouldn't have bet against them scoring own goals for Brazil. Totally folded up. M

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