RELEASE Equinox - Early Works 93-94 (The Demos) LP

Stumbled across this on the jungle-group on discogs.

Pete Dev/Null wrote:

As the title indicates, these tunes are some of the earliest that Equinox (aka Marlon Sterling) produced. They were written back when Marlon was just 15-16 years old, around the time of his first release, the “Brain Records Crew EP”. Unlike that EP, which was made in collaboration with Bizzy B, these tunes were all written by Marlon in his bedroom using only an Amiga… pure 8-bit business!

Clips/Art up here:

Big big thanks to Marlon for entrusting me to do this release, it’s an honour to release these early tunes.

“Early Works 93-94 (The Demos)” will be released on limited edition doublepack gatefold vinyl, available for preorder on August 23rd 2019 at 7pm UK time exclusively through the 8205 Bandcamp.
Music critic for the Tally Ho

boh Smiley

well i never. win win win. times. that's the time i also built my first setup.
love the Equinox sound.
will likely give this a hearing Statts
right now I'm blazing mentally and need a break.

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