RELEASE (Collectable/Bookem Rare) Muttley SubVersion sale

Ez subverts,

Besides my local Rapture shop.
For sale...all mint, all CDs. 
Make offers by private message. 
Please do not email any of my e-addresses, it will filter into junk mail.
Please let me know Statto when thread moving. 
Everyone, this incredibly moving music has been hand selected as items to free up space. You can pick any or more, and if you are patient, I may ship internationally for bulk offers, like I did in my mid teens.

First 15 £5 each ono - first come, first considered...

James Holden - The Idiots Are Winning mint
A Silver Mount Zion - Born Into Trouble As The Sparks Fly Upward RARE GODSPEED OUT OF PRINT mint
Rapoon - Time Frost - Glacial Movements - Rare - Mint CD (Ambient)
17 Pygmies - Isobel RARE mint Digipak

Flying Lotus album and FlyLo Warp EP sold!
A few others also taken off sale because of extra considerations for those future interested.

(15th October 2019, 17:08)Muttley Wrote: Flying Lotus album and FlyLo Warp EP sold!

Taking the first five CDs here as the first part of the resale project to Rapture today, when I'm awake. "Bitches Brew" has held its value since 1999 picking, the CD is the standard 2CD edition and goes for up to £17 on eBay second hand; mine is mint unplayed. I've always streamed it, because around the millenium YTube was starting to become a thing. The other discs are played/ripped to HD but no scratches, same with all the other discs. Wish me luck.

221019 - Muttley SubVersion Sale Promo Mix - 530am

Hi subverts
Log into your Muttley folders, you will find a new mix on my HDD. I think it's in the Downloads folder of the Advent HD,
or it's in MixCraft projects under documents. I'll stick it in Dropbox in the morning. It's a 66 bpm, 160kbps MP3, 16 Bit.

Boards Of Canada - Slow This Bird Down [The Campfire Headphase, Warp, 2005]
FL- Liveseturlude [chopped sample of the new live set intro, 2019]
Love And Money - Shape Of Things To Come [66bpm slooow mix, Strange Kind Of Love, 1988]
Kid Moxie - Lacuna [regular speed, 1888, 2015]
FL - Rougarou, Tartan Tornado [the new 33 minute live set full body, 2019]
William Basinski - A Shadow In Time [same LP, Temporary Residence vinyl WAVs, 2017]

I don't have all this stuff to hand in physical format, and I'm precious about my precious experiences, so I would not sell
any of this stuff yet anyway. And anyhow, you can find it all legally or on the cheap. At the same time, this is a sale for
my "ono" [or nearest offer] job lots of £5 a pop CDs from my archive that I no longer play, that I haven't played for ages,
or more likely that I reluctantly had to make some space for new arrivals. I don't live in a mansion, just a flat block.
Good job too because I'd find a mansion even more lonely and hard to maintain than my existing [tiny] sanctuary.

So tuck in, get stuck in, what have you. I do not bother with contemporary mixes on SoundCloud, when they feature others,
because half the time there's some label protection program saying they own the rights, even if I contributed lyrics.
Granted, I'm not the producer of most stuff, but it would be nice to just have the freedom to post without the security
plod en masse. Lol. Perhaps I should be more put out as a harmless psychopath about the private access to my home PCs.

Anyway, it is what it is, and I'd be a fool to complain, I get spoiled is what it is, with new offerings and life loves.Smile
Thanks everyone, I can only imagine Statto the stat of power will reply to this post, everyone else lets me be, strangely
not badly. Just the right balance of friendly interaction with people I've met in real life. This is a multiverse surely.

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