RELEASE Dom-Soundwall VIP / Menace Dom Mix appreciation

Couldn't find a thread.
Honestly, what bangers these turned out to be.
Perfect for yer average Hardware sausage fest. Icon_razz


I need to be online properly to provide audio links for the audience. YouTube is our best source for the rips.
Massive beats, really. Bring the crunchy Amen!
The kitchen sink twostep march of Menace too...
Itsa good collision of stylistic techstep.

1999 prime mover Moving Shadow. Nothing new Dom, just classic Dom.


the sub bass in Soundwall VIP is something. 

and yes, Biostacis - Menace, Dom mix wets di knickers & ting. Quirky hook, rockin & metallic. 

Its like.. getting your fingers stepped on by metal boots and you continue to snap ya neck.  no? 


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