NEWS Coronavirus

My mother is freaking out about it. Retired, listens to both tv & radio news all day pretty much, and she called me today specifically for a short, hurried, worried rant about protecting myself from the virus.   
Anyone else experiencing this?  

My mother lives in a small, landlocked prairie Canadian town, and she said she was going to Ash Wednesday church service today with cotton stuffed in her nose to act as a barrier against coronavirus. 

I'm 400% serious here. There's more to detail in her worrying over the past few weeks now.  I'm not saying initial worrying is not valid, but get a hold of yourself lady!  wtf. 

As an aside, songs named after illnesses, plagues, and such? 

I instantly respond with Bauhaus.   


Peggy Lee - Fever

On a serious note, quite serious, at least here, but I'm a Northern European. I am of course concerned about the U.K's welfare, or my family's much greater. But we don't do shit like that.

I hope idiots at least in China learn not to eat and trade endangered Pangolin meat. Those creatures are awesome. But eating it is like eating your dog to a Chinese man or woman.

The Pangolin / cause of excess coronavirus lies in the illegal consumption of uncured endangered animal meat. It is equivalent to cannibalism. Yes we are humans, but this is not human.

Some of my family have origins in China, I don't know enough of them, but what I do know by now is the Chinese (not Japanese, they are a bit stricter) will eat anything if so inclined.

It's like horse meat and CJD epidemics in the US and U.K, only this is killing some people instead of mainly the animals.

Not good.

I don't watch nor own a tv so I'm not tuned into the headlines streaming by on the screen 24/7 clearly as my mother is.  I've been in an employment bubble for the past month, sleep, work, repeat... and it is winter still of course. My brother started texting me initial, random twitter news feeds on coronavirus a couple weeks ago, but other than that, I've been glimpsing story bits on line but nothing too in depth. 

My mother's phone rant earlier this evening:

- I should get my flu shot. Why haven't I gotten a flu vaccine this year?? 
- there is new developing hand sanitizer to be made for the public 
- Iranians are spreading coronavirus
- go buy face masks
- and YES, she was rushing to go to Ash Wednesday church service with cotton stuffed in her nose for precautions.

It has certainly the potential to wreak major havoc, it's deadlier than several forms of flu - in Italy there are already heavy restrictions in place, and today it was confirmed it reached Vienna, a major City 50 Miles away from my home. In my case, I live in the country and got food supply for 3-4 weeks, so if there's a quarantaine I am somewhat prepared. In fact, I would actually enjoy that, I would have time to read a few books at last....
Music critic for the Tally Ho

^^  as ever, keep safe & informed of course. I did check the WHO site this morning. 

I do have healthcare professionals in my family. My aunt was working as a nurse during the H1N1 crisis and did contract the virus on the job at the time working at a smaller, rural area town hospital. She had to stay quarantined at home for a month if I recall.  Just this past November, she did make an alternate career switch still within the health information field, but not working directly within facilities.