How are businesses & institutions in your local areas planning for any reopenings?

the US is clearly fucked.

Western Canada / US border complications with travel to Alaska. Issues with US tourists still attempting to visit Canadian parks & cities over the past couple of months. Local opinions in my area calling for travelers from the US claiming to be enroute to Alaska to board ferries from Seattle, or fly. Suggestions of keeping border area town hotels as quarantine spots, etc.

From Canada government site:

..Violating any instructions provided to you when you entered Canada is an offence under the Quarantine Act and could lead to up to:

6 months in prison and/or
$750,000 in fines
If you choose to break your mandatory quarantine or isolation, resulting in the death or serious bodily harm of another person, you could face:

a fine of up to $1,000,000 or
imprisonment of up to 3 years or

For what it's worth, I've only briefly ventured into a local downtown shopping mall just to accompany a friend who was picking up their new glasses from the optical a couple weeks ago - it was a weekday, the mall was dead, some local office workers had only seemingly begun to return to work in their onsite offices again, we still wore masks walking through. Otherwise, I believe I haven't walked into a shopping mall since January or February as it is. It amazes me some people cannot let the shopping mall experience go - ah, the shopping mall, a cultural hub, a psychological need to loiter.

Mandatory masks indoors for businesses, city bylaw went into effect in my city today.

Fave local reddit quote for today:

".. Honestly, if I had asthma bad enough that I could barely breathe through a mask, I wouldn't be coming into Walmart to pick up pepperoni sticks every day... "


(1st August 2020, 20:05)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: How are businesses & institutions in your local areas planning for any reopenings?

The pubs have been open for a bit. Dunno about clubs, venues or anything.