SAMPLES FL - Electronic Harp Music [Updated Ad Hoc]

This is two tracks at the moment. Come back later for more.
Free to stream.
Artwork a vertically tilted Angel Park river photo, black/white tinted, with sepia and sketch modes.
Paint applied in FreshPaint and MS Paint digital programs.
Keeping things simple.

I have wanted to do more harp tracks for some time.
I use my electronic keypad on the laptop.
I process the sounds in Ableton Live 8 Suite.

Hope you enjoy. Smile
Respect goes to my 24 followers.
released May 6, 2020

Thanks to my family for inspiring new material.

New piece; comment if you'd like more noise arythmia and musique concrete that does my head in like this Lol

Something for the grumpy junglist crew; SD remix.

An unreleased track with three incarnations at work today. This newer version, closer to "Two Masks" in vibe than Source Direct alias Mirage, feels at home in the SubVersion SoundCloud - it is a reinterpretation of one of the most percussively obscure tracks by joked tea boy Jim and Source Direct originators (see the jungle trials of Nico, and the comparison with Kemal & Rob Data, Ed Rush and Optical, and Manix and 4Hero).

In a Reinforced fashion, "Two Masks Ambient Influence", the tag of the work in progress, implements Latin Percussion, cavernous noise bass - similar to "Energy Flash" mentasm synthesis of hardcore's Joey Beltram, and the classic once riveted; as well, a generative slab of hardcore rave stabs on non-gentrified noughties synthesiser patches, that marks out this reinvention as closer to electroacoustic techno. Also recommended to fans of Oren Ambarchi sold on boomkat (around 2007, see "Trailing Moss In The Mystic Glow", less "Live Knots").

source direct influence


I know I've been banned many times from this forum, but I am not here to slag people off. I have, like all of us, had some tough times recently. Tongue out always. 
My biggest issue (almost a pun) has been stopping behaving like a dissociate. So? 
I find my very first Casio, bought by my parents 2012 Xmas, to be a therapy to stop my slagging. 
It has an array of harps in it. 
Not as in Andrea Parker 'kiss my arp' kind of techno; instead, baroque classical like Jean Jacques Perry meets the reachable dissonance of Stravinsky. 
Check SoundCloud for private and free tracks (over time)

I did delete one of your posts a week ago.
But you've never been banned Hugs

Thank you, I am glad to hear. 

There have been a few frustrations indeed, but little so that sites like Bandcamp are so, to us, overwroughtly saturated in playback bug fixes that have not been administered.

I too have thought of doing more social stuff like SC originally did here, I'm afraid I don't put faith in it though. I would feel like a trustafarian twit...
For all the labels trying to stay above water, is a lot of derivative music afloat in mainstream channels and not too much change in staying the same. 

But those labels are basically just ones that don't bother with this site any more on a publically weak and humble display; or SoundCloud; or Wire; Pitchfork; FACT Mag: instead they do social media. Thatcherism, obviously, appeals to the millennial majors - or just people with totalitarian views on cultural exchange.

Personally, if I love a cause or a function, I do not try and abuse it. Not only is it tripping on the guilt latch of spam incognito tricksterisms, oversaturation is just a greedy fable on "give me your money, forget the rest".

Real subverts aren't interested in money. Although I don't classify myself as either or. It's about freedom, freedom to do what contributors want, which has nothing to do with using a crowd to fund itself, which SC Vol.1-3 never did at all. 

Like used to be, I'm not here to stir things up - which is why I created the filter blog SV in the first place; which Statto and other site owners decided to thread through this, the original forum. And kudos to them. 

The truth hurts - it hurt for me: people, defined as 'users', rather patronisingly, totally truthfully, are more concerned with content than what I used to do on DOA.

In other words: the "top-down" model does not work, it does not include the varied proponents of a ideal model of a community culture - but of course, there is a difference between ambitious hobby and full-on dive to the depths of Muttley miserabilism. Supposed miserable.

I am actually not sad at all, these days anyway, I'm just neutral, because it's only the effects of others that bother me. When label owners try and financially turn pedantic, I believe there is no place for that - it's scorn.

What is scorn again? Bookem and the other bookems. Put away your books, here comes Fred Durst. That type of ontology. So I choose to stay giving out freebies and serious albums for whoever wants to donate. It should not be a "of perusal" type of communism. Byzantine capitalism in modern music exists because every artist should be given their wage; and yes, finally, label owners, myself included, should not be keeping their coffers full while the unpaid [often] producers slave away on their next experiment and take all the risks of their own time, their own money, their own freedom. 

Any Julius Caesar does not have to act like a dick head, a Pontius Partridge - this is not the 19th Century. 

"Well, whether I pull the level or not is not the question".

"Yes it is!"


Fresh live showing, inspired by Icarus, Jiva, Macc, AFX & Lovesliescrushing

Focis Right, FL & Dredge - Unfettered Live Version
Focis Right, Stung Cookie & Dredge - Unfettered LP - SoundCloud free Digital download - 1st proper artist album of 2021

"Unfettered" can mean "unpretentious"; "quite"; clumsy, even. There is the regular Troy McClure
voice of rehearsal Focis Right - FL in his 2007-2012 career span. But here, Mike's first official album from FL
in 2021, and mastered through over seven times by the artist, this album prefers to chuckle in imitation cosplay, not an abrasive pillaging of samples. For Mike FR, it makes sense: less poetry, add sonic sediment; few cliff faces, more tee total.

The record begins with some strumming frets on the Epiphone guitar he was in 2015 gifted, foolish it may be to present his newest harmonising musics in the start area. Well, much of this implies amateur Jack Rose if
they learned to play riffs using "Chromakey Dreamcoat" by Boards Of Canada acoustics as a memory device. Mike can't keep chords, saying enough, so what's left? 

The author was supposedly trying to use this record as a human body feeding diagram. 

According to Mike, the guitar is the easiest thing to do badly, because on a keyboard everything starts or can be cleaned up. 

We guess that explains the baroque, yes-wannabe tunings, so onto the next bit: bvdub-esque sustained drones of the kind Brock Van Wey on Glacial Movements gave out on his "The Art Of Dying Alone" from 2010. 

In the "Unfettered" inclusions, it's worth not leaving out Dredge as contributor. It's another of Mike's 2016 founded projects, very much about detuned drone rinse and tangle. These drones have systemic function; applied to with restraint. That's the intention, really: it's better of the same; Mike says he was working on collab Dredge's monikerisms early in 2000. 

As a adult record, a silhouette of the human body's digestion into the heart and lungs, it might be easier to say it's decently maturation. Folly, definitely, however as a drone lover there's to critics that's as unfettered as drone gets. ~ Andy Popin.

(13th July 2021, 17:47)Muttley Wrote: Ambient Noise


A influence macabre mash of Trevor Wishart, BJ Nilsen and Hildur Gudanottir Smile
Unsigned, unreleased, free download

Another little jam for people including Statto; a five minute Noise Design: two patches, arrythmatically patched, spun into one another, like curdling layers of pastry against honeyed jam



"Honesty stinks a little. It's because it comes from deep inside's covered in blood and bile, and tastes so self-entitled". 

~ Atmosphere [hip hop lyrics, from the album "Southsiders"]