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Producers! What's your favourite studio.......



any form (cept like raw)

milkybar yoghurts are rather mmm too.

Just had salt'n'shake...


Moro bars or double decker bars.
and of course endless buckets of tea.


slice in half
pop them in the toaster till warm
butter it. let it all melt in.

put some turkey or honey glazed ham (not honey roast) on it
add a little salt.
squirt and then spread some salad cream on it

put bagel top on.


repeat till fat. (or broke)

Blue Corn Tortilla Chips and Really hot Salsa!!

Either rot my teeth out sweet or insanely spicy

london today is producing weather if ever i saw it. proper source direct weather!

need some kind of snax pressure so i can not leave the flat all weekend and stare at my laptop like a dog stares at a ham Chin

Usually any super sugared breakfast cereal will do, preferably multi colored, sugar frosted, w/ marshmellows, or some sort of synthetic cocoa flavoring. Once in a while I get the urge for hot & spicy pork rinds.
[Image: thx1.jpg]

coffee w/ soymilk and/or iced tea.

and blue diamond roasted salted almonds.

I went through a phase of eating whole bags of trail mix recently, but I'm pretty sure that's over now.

i've clearly been overlooking this thread i'll give a solid contribution here :

  • alex farms 8yr. old cheddar on salted triscuits with an amsterdam blonde ale, and some thai smoke.

  • cinnamon and brown sugar on buttered toast with a cup of earl grey.

  • breyers vanilla ice cream topped with home-made chocolate ganache and pecan sprinkles. side : northern lights bong hits topped with a dollop of cherry oil. coffee.

  • fresh italian bun, macelli's prociutto, provolone cheese with a home made bagna cauda.....popped in the panini maker till crusted up and melted nicely. beverage : camerons cream ale. (really cold)

  • organic rhy bread with butter, nutella, peanut butter in the panini maker till melty. beverage : coffee.

Homerdrool Homerdrool Homerdrool Homerdrool

latent notion have been in a big studio mixing reecently.
snax on our roster (or should that be roaster?) include:

bag of co-op bakery sausage rolls
classic onion rings (i forget the brand but they were suitably cheap)
white chocolate and rasberry cookies (omg!)
digestive biscuits (classsic)
bag of apples
box of nectarines
bag of bananas
tescos triple pack big eat sarnies

i will update after next session Smile

am currently in the druids arms, having sausage and mash.

sausage = chili, lime and pork

mash = mustard mash

gravy = onion gravy


steak kabobs w/ peppers, onions, and mushrooms Xyxthumbs
octopus salad - when i can get off my stoned arse and whip some up
[Image: thx1.jpg]

I know nothing.

i ate 2 skanky chicked rustler bugers, dont feel to great now tho!

rubicon Hawaiian juice box
pickled onion space raiders are 100% essential
cheese, ham & tomato shoved in a pitta bread then into the toaster Homerdrool

not that i've got a 'studio' but hey

infamy Wrote:i ate 2 skanky chicked rustler bugers, dont feel to great now tho!

those things are rotten.
although the 'rib' ones got me through uni, although i almost had to resort to eating rats, so that doesn't say much.

Last night, it was really simple...

A cup of tea


Almond finger (oo-er!)


^ n00b Lol
[Image: protabl3.gif]
Don Cherry Wrote:Every human is blessed in her or his life with one love (passion), no matter how long it may last. This Absolute love will last in one's heart and soul forever.

Macc Wrote:^ n00b Lol


Too full and too late for anymore than that.

Had already eaten, Breakfast, Dinner + dessert, Supper, Toast, so when it comes to 11pm you have to say, enough is enough Auugggustus!

[Image: ww_015.jpg]

id have to say a good brew, mini kitkat or a slice of lemon sponge cake lol

i just got a HUGE bag of pinon nuts from a friend in New Mexico.. these little babies are harvested only every four years and they are delicious!

gonna have a ball shelling them all and putting them in a special bag next to the desk!

[Image: pig.jpg]
Danon actimel
[Image: DS_ma.gif]
[Image: widestream_sunrise.jpg]

Can't be gettin my digits all mucked up so I'm gonna have to say....

Nutter Butter.

The original Nuttah Butter! :P

vegetable soup, cup of tea and fox's classic bars Yes

salty: assorted roasted nuts
sweet: donuts
fresh: bananas (to be consumed in less than 3 seconds)
dairy: ben and jerry's ice cream, astro fruit bottom yoghurt cups
drink: anything caffeinated and plenty of water

and heres a tip i picked up recently from a guy who's been doing it for almost 20 years: you can place smaller snacks like nuts, small chocolates etc in a cup. this prevents messy fingers and your eyes having to leave the screen Grin

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