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cycom Wrote:Not sure, which track it was Oops But I'm not so much into "proto-trance" (Pete Namlook, Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, etc.)

"proto-trance" Hahaha

Statto Wrote:Victor Malloy


cycom Wrote:
concept81 Wrote:
cycom Wrote:not feeling pete namlook though (was recommended by last.fm, when i started a station with similar artists like woob)

really? what did you listen to?

i can recommend s.h.a.d.o and s.h.a.d.o 2 that he wrote with the higher intelligence agency.

not sure, which track it was Oops but i'm not so much into "proto-trance" (pete namlook, klaus schulze, tangerine dream, etc.)

... basic channel, porter ricks, cristian vogel are much more down my alley Smile

the air stuff namlook did was very nice.


Quote:... basic channel, porter ricks, cristian vogel


cycom Wrote:Listened to some Woob. Liked it.

Not feeling Pete Namlook though (was recommended by Last.fm, when I started a station with similar artists like Woob)

Thanks for reminding me Grin Had one Woob track from a Future Music CD, was brilliant. Isn't it one half of FSOL?

Billy Cobham
DUBPLATE (Retired)

Anouar Brahem, oud jazz player from Tunisia

[Image: Anouar_Brahem.jpg]

wilshy Wrote:thanks for reminding me :d had one woob track from a future music cd, was brilliant. isn't it one half of fsol?

no it paul frankland

one of my favourite producers ever, also journeyman on ninja (well n:tone)

i had that fm cd. great track. at the time i was going to send off for a copy of his demo tape (Icon_razz) but never did. then i bought his first album on e:mit and it got nicked. cant buy it for love nor money.

luckily concept81 on here has it and im going to swap for some other e:mit stuff.



now all available on youtube


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