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DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - denaris - 1st November 2010

Spoke about this back in the old Xoxbox thread. Finally went ahead and ordered it again.

Based on 2 x MOS SID 6851 or SID 8580 soundchips from the Commodore 64. Can get a really good, non chip sound from this, much like the old SidStation by Elektron.

My 1st ever DIY build as well. Bit nervous about fucking it up.

[Image: sammichSID.jpg]

DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - Hovver - 1st November 2010


DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - Paradigm X - 1st November 2010

Oh you got one, good man. I was looking at it but hard to get hold of sids. Theres only 50 more kits apparently, not sure whether to grab one. Ive preordered (no obligation tho) a shuthi1 -

Im actually just looking at basic projects to get going, maybe a VCF or a pedal type delay or phaser.

Good luck with it.

DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - denaris - 1st November 2010

I'll check that when I'm home, looks interesting.

I don't believe, especially in the UK, that SIDs are that hard to source. One auction finished on ebay yesterday and there's always 5 or 6 C64's on there for auction. Freecycle has yielded 2 for me in the past, so I'm going to go out on there again to try and get another one. I've got 4 working C64's which I'll rape for the SIDs but I've only got 1 8580 SID - which is the preferred for any synth work due to filter response on the older 6851 being shoddy or not even working on early ones.

For your benefit, to remove SIDs out of C64's is really easy as they're not soldered to the PCB. They slot on.

DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - Paradigm X - 1st November 2010

yeah ive been keeping an eye on freegle/freecycle. Teef

how many sids are in a c64 just one?

I doubt ill ever get round to it tbh...

DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - denaris - 1st November 2010

Just the one. I've already got this cartridge for the C64 which pretty much turns it into a SammichSID. Mono synth, 303 bassline emulation (unique sound, if nothing like a 303 and readily admitted in the manual!), drum machine & sequence.

The Bassline & Mono synth are quality. Bass sounds are it's forte no doubt. The SammichSID adds arpegiator and some other stuff I've not really bothered looking into yet.

Freegle Xyxthumbs didn't know about that one.

DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - SmG - 3rd November 2010

Any one ever used the 808 clone - I think its Midibox to?

DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - Paradigm X - 5th November 2010

no but i want one.

Apparently about 5-6 times as difficult as a x0xb0x. Icon_sad

If anyone wants to build me one for xmas... Mrgreen

Wilsh - been looking around for some beginners kits, might do one first, in case i fuck something up.

or the confidence booster or envelope filter from here

So much cool stuff to build. Oakley Filtrec looks sick, the jaguar VCF from somatic...

DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - Paradigm X - 11th November 2010

so ive ordered the shrtuthi-1 kit, and a basic beginners kit to get going.
8 bit sound gen with analog filter. Grin

Ads off for three weeks soon so lots of time. Hope i dont f it up!

You got your kit yet wilshy?

DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - denaris - 11th November 2010

No mate, haven't been asked for money yet. This looks fairly similar in form factor, maybe using the same case?

I'm in no rush, probably won't build it for months. Just needed to own a synth based around the SID chip that wasn't running on the C64 like is, which I've got and is brilliant.

Keep us up to date with the progress of build.

DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - Paradigm X - 11th November 2010

my beginners kits has been posted already!

Shall build this before the shruthi-1, which is on its way from france.

Need to decide what to use as a custom engraving on the shruthi case. Mrgreen

DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - safetyboy - 11th November 2010

started my x0xb0x last night

[Image: 5165171186_346fa5727c.jpg]
x0xb0x building by soulcabbage, on Flickr

DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - safetyboy - 11th November 2010

looks good and easy

[Image: MeeBlip-Panel-01_out-640x494.jpg]

DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - Paradigm X - 11th November 2010

safetyboy Wrote:started my x0xb0x last night

cool, you get two kits?

Nice one.

Keep us posted. Seen a few time lapse x0x builds. Looks well complicated tbh, for a noob like me.


Can you recommend a decent starter (ie cheap) soldering iron/kit.?


DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - safetyboy - 11th November 2010

I use a weller one. the cheaper ones burn out quick and temperature's vary..

Best off asking in Maplins with the money you can afford. Smile

like everything, if you are going to keep this up i'd splash out on a weller with a variable temperature, and get good quality solder too as it will flow into the joints better and you wont end up with dry joints / bridging. That just leads to a lot of de-bugging which is Icon_sad

DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - denaris - 11th November 2010

I saw that Meeblip last night. It just doesn't sound good to me at all. Very basic. < decent soldering video here that's recommended by DIYer on the SammichSid forums.

Good luck on the Xox. Exciting times a foot.

DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - Paradigm X - 12th November 2010

~10$ analogue step sequencer

no sound at work but looks cool.


DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - Ben Kei - 12th November 2010

I would love to build something (ideally the xoxbox) but I haven't touched a soldering iron in about 8 years.

I might grab something easier to start with and work my way up to one (or just get the cash together to have one built for me)

Saw this today, skip to 5 minutes in and check out the Maniac synth this guy built Icon_eek I don't think I'd leave the house if I had one of these Homerdrool

Actually, watch all 4 parts. Quite a nice documentary form 1979 about using technology to make music.

DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - safetyboy - 14th November 2010

x0xb0x is a mess, however did the lay out but its a 303 Smile

DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - Paradigm X - 15th November 2010

Well, i built trhe basic kit, but made a few mistakes.

First i bought silver solder which i have since discovered is probably the wrong stuff Icon_sad bought a big roll too. The soldering was hard but im very inexperienced so thought it was that. Doh. £18 i spent as well, got a big roll. Stupid should have checked first Icon_sad I thought something was wrong as it only metled at a very high temperature. I just assumed silver = better conductor = better solder.

Will this damage my soldering iron? Its a variable temperatuer one, thought id splash out . Can always buy a new tip i guess.

I also completely messed up one switch, works but badly attached, maplins didnt have a solder pump. Can prob rectify. And also got two capacitors the wrong way round, noticed in time, but had to desolder one, nightmare, presumably due to this silver solder. Not sure how, i double checked everythign (or so i thought), not a dig at the kit or instructions, they were very clear and even made a big point of making sure the capacitors were right.

But got it together in the end, one capacitor is still stood on long legs ( Lol ) again will fix when i get the solder pump.

But im not sure its working correctly... its working, but making all manner of weird and wonderful noises. sounds ok, but nothing like the mp3 demos.

Feel a bit deflated, wasting the money on the wrong stuff mainly. Ive also ordered a much more complex kit, which worries me a bit now. This was supposed to be a good starting project.

The kit itself was great, really helpful and clear documentation, and great tips like the one about getting the pots etc in by doing one quick joint, then remelting. Again, i think this was much harder with the wrong solder. Doh. Icon_sad


DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - Paradigm X - 15th November 2010

Oh and i seriously need a desk - built it on top of the washing machine in the garage, have a baby in the house so cant solder indoors. Not confortable at all (and bloody cold!)


DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - safetyboy - 15th November 2010

DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - denaris - 15th November 2010

Another in the long line of emulators. Most sound great but still don't quite capture the nuances of the original regardless of how well they try too. Think analogue vs digital debate as reference Wink

Nice update PDX. What solder should be used then? Didn't realise there was more than one type. I've got a lot to learn / ruin before building the SammichSID. Is a solder pump to remove excess solder?

DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - safetyboy - 15th November 2010

i wouldnt use a solder pump, get some solder braid / wick, cleaner and faster

DIY Kit Building - geeks r us. - Paradigm X - 15th November 2010

yeah its a minefield. Id 100% recommend getting a basic kit first - even the first kit i got was a bit tricky with no experience.

Silver solder has a higher melting temperature than normal (tin/lead combo) and sets harder, so harder to fix if you balls it up.

However, apparently either should work - you can follow the comments from the maker of my kit here if youre interested. But i think the other stuff would be easier to work with, googling a few guides. Theres also lead free and leaded, which have various pros and cons, and depend on what your kit uses.

Maybe safetyboy can offer some advice here?

Yeah a solder pump basically sucks up solder you dont want. Its a nightmare getting it off otherwise. Like picking up runny, boiling hot (silver melts around 400deg C) treacle.

Bit depressing really, im apparently really crap at soldering. The whole thing was hard, im big and have big clumsy fingers, which really dont help with the tiny components.

Ill use this thread to keep updates etc. Ive got the shruthi being delivered so will definitely do a few more projects first. Starting to get quite expensive, spent ~£130 ish on tools and bits at mapling, £50 for the basic kit, £110 ish for the shruthi - prob going to need at least one or two more basic kits.

On the positive i have got a 'circuit-bent- toy out of it - makes some cool and interesting noises, albeit not the ones its supposed to. To his credit, the guy who makes the kit has offered to fix it for free if i post it to him.

The kit itself id def recommend, its very clear and well documented. Think a combination of the silver solder, and my inexperience cause the problems.

Having a decent workspace is also very important, i was perched over a freezer (washing machine sort of size) in the garage, because i cant solder in the house with little Henry. But it was cold and uncomfortable, which really didnt help. Im trying to freecycle an old desk. Lighting is also very important, I did have a desk lamp but not enough. These 'helping hands' things are also really useful-

[Image: 4025.2.jpg]

But the costs do mount up - £50 on iron, £18 on solder (worng one too, doh), £10 on the hands, £20 on wirestripper, snips and small screwdrivers, bought a load of other bits for other projects too, batteries, wire, pcb board etc...

So its a long term thing really, tons of amazing projects around if you can get into it. But prob not worth it for just one project, makes the cost ridiculous.

Hope this is helpful, lets keep this thread going with all DIY type info.