Aye up Macc/Tech geeks - Out to desk or 'all in the box'?

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ive been round the houses with this, originally all analog, other than the midi sequencer, at one time all digital, at various points with different desks and custom summing solutions both passive and active.

ive absolutely made my mind up that the summing thing is pretty much a red herring if you do things right in the box.

however, what has made the biggest difference to an all itb mix is processing various channels with outboard gear. luckily i have a fine selection to choose from, and c4s external plugins with auto delay compensation makes it a breeze. of course this is implying many additional ad and da conversions, and i happen to have very good converters, but im sure that even with average converters this is the way to go.

the other thing that experience has shown me is that the elusive space, depth and width in an itb mix is far more easily achieved when running levels way below 0dbfs.
my stereo buss rarely peaks above -6dbfs.

and whilst most modern daws have an internal resolution of 32 bits, some plugins simply sound better when not hit so hard, so being aware of levels between plugins is also important.

the other aspect to being conservative with levels like this is that you simply need not concern yourself with checking meters all the time and worrying about things like inter sample peaks.
instead you can just concentrate on mixing...a revelation! Wink

finally, if you like the 'sound' of analog mixes, then you need to understand what it is about analog processing that is providing the characteristics to the sound that you find pleasing.
you need to understand the effects that the processing is having on the audio, and then you need to understand how to approximate the same characteristics through digital processing.

likewise you have to understand what things you were doing in the analog domain that simply wont work, or worse are very wrong to do in the digital domain.


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