Good hint: Intel Core Duo on the desktop

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VERY interesting article about the performance of the Intel Core Duo chip that laptops as MacBook Pro's have. They say the chip exceeds in some cases the P4 Extreme Edition and even the AMD dual core FX60 Icon_eek
yeh its a beast of a proc, not exclusive to macs tho...
should be great for a musical producer machine innit
indeed Smile
i'm really leaning towards a mac now.

i found out i can get a good deal on a UAD-1 but the new G5's have those stupid PCI-X slots instead of the regular ones, and no one supports PCI-X yet! JEDIcrying

the first gen G5's were made with the regular slots though, right? i don't know where to get one of those though.
whatcha saying dodz! PCI Express is largely suported these days!

But I would defenetly buy a intel mac right now...G5's are a waste of money imo (not that the G5's are bad...)
8bits Wrote:whatcha saying dodz! PCI Express is largely suported these days!

But I would defenetly buy a intel mac right now...G5's are a waste of money imo (not that the G5's are bad...)

hey man! i'm keeping are you?

yeah, it seems the intels are great processors......thing is, i really need the PCI they make any external devices that could be attached to an iMac via USB or firewire that i could put a UAD-1 card in?

buying computers is always such a mind fuck, because of the inevitable changes that are always looming in the near future......i guess the name of the game is to get a machine that covers as many conceivable future outcomes as possible so it'll remain useable for as long as possible.

JEDIcrying Teef
UAD haven't said anything about PCI-X support...

You can buy a Magma chassis (think that's the name) that runs pci cards externally, but I don't know too much about them...
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Magma chssis are very expensive, even for the smallest.

UAD do have something in the works though.....

Dodz, Id either get a MacBookPro (if you decide that you can get by without UAD stuff) or 9if you decide you do want UAD stuff) wait for the intel based G5 replacement...along with whatevcer UAudio bring out to work in those machines...
I just got a 20" 2 GHz Core Duo iMac with 2 GB of RAM... beast is FAST!! Plus the display is just so freeking nice. I have an extra Dell 17" LCD connected (to create a fricking huge 2960x1024 desktop!) and it pales in brightness and crispness. Just getting software all re-setup. But so far (for one day of use) I'm very pleased.

You could probably build a nice PC for less, but I'm a Mac nerd. Smile

But if I really want to I can install Windows XP using Boot Camp.
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apple and dell use the same LCD panel on their 20" and 24" monitors so It's 85% the same thing, the rest can influence of course but not that much, but you've said it...a mac nerd will always like the apple brand better :P

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