Loudness Wars/RMS/Sound grumble

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ahh, dunno.

that guy Wrote:thanks to folks on the internet, there are lists of famously loud cds. the red hot chili pepper's 1999 album "californication" is a notorious example. it clips constantly, and the title track peaks at a whopping minus 5.6 db, which was really uncomfortable for almost everybody.

Roll oh well, yes, that's why everybody played it nonstop on the radio and it sold a zillion copies.

if that guy is suffering so hard, then ffs put an expander on the tune Lol

but seriously, of course the thing about ear fatigue is interesting. i actually can't tell if i listen to less music in a row these days than i used to. i'd say no. then again i tend to not listen to albums too much. and if so, it's usually not current pop. and surely not 3-4 dnb tunes in a row at high volume.

so, what's the bottom line?

i think it's basically the same thing as complaining about "the state of d'n'b" or something similar, if you get me. it's a bit of a don quichotte thing.
just do different if your dissatisfied and take the consequences if no one likes to play dynamically unaltered music (but your -11db average rms seem to be fairly common pop-standard level Teef)

we're not doing classical string quartets here, but certainly it's something to consider. i've always felt my music sounded better, when it had a certain level of loudness and punch - but i think i dispose of a certain built-in level of decency, which keeps me from distorting the shit out of tunes anyway. ermm, at least i think so Smile
i've just won all the loudness wars. Grin
and that is why?
cycom Wrote:and that is why?

that is why i can go back to soft acoustic music now, pouring like water from my infinity speakers.
Icon_question but Xyxthumbs
Peace B. I recently competed in a DnB/Jungle "beat battle"
and sometimes I feel like, sadly, that I got over WITH THE
CROWD REACTION, not because
of the "choon" but because of the "loudness" from sound engineering.
Granted, each round was supposed to be 2 minutes each, so
I tried to maximize it for that short amount of time per round, but
Macc Wrote:http://www.austin360.com/music/content/m...cover.html

Read this ^^^^^

-good article.. but i wonder why the Beatles never got a mention because all of their stuff is fucking squashed like Gallaghers watermelons.. Bob Dylan remembers those guys, right??
Analyse Billy Jean by Michael Jackson.... trust!!!

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