Argh the fucking frustration and stupidity!

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So I've been agonizing over a mixdown for the last few days that sounds great on my monitors and on my big stereo at home, but sounds shit when played through my headphones on my laptop... all terribly distorted and unlistenable...

After lowering the volume of the track considerably (which worked, but wasn't really what I wanted) I was able to get it to sound ok on my laptop... that is when I realized...

The winamp EQ was on with all sorts of bass boost. D'oh! Anyway all better now even though I feel like a doofus for being so frustrated with it Lol
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haha. done that kind of thing many times. worked on track only to realise the bass EQ is boosted on the computer sound card.
worst is when you have your bass bumped on your mixer then go and listen to your track in the car or on headphones somewhere else and theres absolutly no bass at all!
Ive spent hours trying to work out why theres no bass only to realize i had cranked it up the day before whilst having a mix or somthing!
yeah after a drunken night of revelry at mine I had a heart attack next day thinking id blown my mackies Icon_cry only to realise (hours later) my psycho DJ mate had boosted all the EQ in media player to 'make it sound better'

Don't put eq's on your outs you divs :P

Having said that I once mixed something down having forgotten I'd put mda limiter on my 'magic setting' on it Oops
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Macc Wrote:Having said that I once mixed something down having forgotten I'd put mda limiter on my 'magic setting' on it Oops

I did this. Still havent removed/remixed the track. It sounds ok Oops

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