SC:Digital Quarterly Release Soundclash - Entries

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use this topic to post your entries for the sc:digital quarterly release soundclash

if you want to put a track forward then just make a post in that sticky topic with the following information:

artist name (if different to forum username)
track name
link to track

sc:digital aims to promote diversity, so the tracks can be any style that you wish. Smile

submissions will be accepted at any time

you can submit as many tracks as you like..

tracks must be:

- 10 minutes or less in length
- 320k mp3 format

free filehosting services are fine, but howver you have the files hosted it is your responsibiity to ensure that the link stays live and is live for at least one whole month from when you post it, to give me a chance to download all the submissions.

thanks, i look forward to hearing your music!



statto edit:
originally this said monthly but i've changed it to quarterly
and instead of scope doing the business it'll now be me and macc
next soundclash decision: december 2007

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boiling point
i'm missing something...
if everybody can dl the 320's here, why would ppl go after the release when it eventually comes out?
higher profile
that's definitely true, but why not make it a total suprise? Wink
one could send the link to some e-mail account or even pm it...
it's also a ploy to encourage people to listen to everyone else's tunes Wink
now i don't wanna insist on making my own point here, just trying to figure out how you see this working, as it looks a bit peculiar to me because most of labels avoid putting out tracks that have been already floating around internet and if i consider a track good enough for sc, and you don't, posting it here might waste it for the other labels... but that's just my 2 eurocents... Smile
its more about just simply releasing music innit?? and as their gonna be free to download anyway does it matter if everyone on here can download em to start with??

i think not if anything itll help cos youll get all the advice of other talented producers and musicians on here Xyxthumbs
damn, sorry, i missed the part about them being free lol
Into The Deep End

Soul Seven (re-edit)

Were lost

strictly for the funkers
you should have this promoted on the sc:digital main page and push it on other forums (if you're not already), not just d&b forums.

sc9 & creep

- shweet fellas! respect! <3
oplin - empty world

320 Here

Artist: Neoteric
Track Title: Danube
Hi guys, just an update.

This is still very much going on, but Im trying to find someone to take over my duties here due to other commitments, so keep posting your entries.....
I think I'll be taking over, along with Stattron....?
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macc Wrote:i think i'll be taking over, along with stattron....?

'err statto what are we gonna do tonight'

'the same thing we do every night bob, try to take over the soundclash'

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no characterization between cartoon mice and subverts was intentional, no mice were hurt during this post, all stunts were performed by professionals
what I'm doing is go to the pub

Parallel-Eastern Chant

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