60 X 60

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you can make anything you want Smile

everything is valid, so long as you are pleased with the expression
definitely up for this
it's going to be noisey.
beats are there to be broken http://musicindevon.org/
jason os Wrote:hows everyone coming along then? Smile

looking forward to this, sept 1st sounds good... excuse the pun! Xyxthumbs

well ill get an ftp sorted for me and jason and other (nominated) persons.

best bet i reckon is to yousendit or otherwise wav files, best quality. pm the the details or make them public, up to you, and ill get em all uploaded for jason to rummage thru.

still dont know what to do, but getting my new pc tomorrow ! Icon_yippee so will have a beast to play with!

nice one ben.

looking forward to what you stir up Grin

hope all is marvelous!

Great idea!

A mate of mine did a similar thing whilst at Uni, the album was called "Fancy a Quickie?" if memory serves Grin

I'd love to take part!
If i can borrow me mate's mic, then i'll start tonight. Get ready for some ambient Foley action.
im up for this Smile
definately a good idea... i won´t play, but sure will be around when that happens..sorry, didn´t read all the threads but does it say where´s this gonna take place?

good luck to all and hope to hear some interesting ideas on the speakers.
i reckon yousendit or sendspace would work, its only a relatively small file being 60 secs even if it in wav format

i dont mind recieving a few and sorting through em a bit aswell to save ben and jason just getting 30 tracks each and being snowed under with it Xyxthumbs

lets me snow, i mean know Smile
jason os Wrote:Xyxthumbs

still got room?

ya- i think there are about 10 more slots...ill do a recount later, but im pretty sure thats about right.
I'm in Please Cool
Did I even see this before? Baffled

I'll do one if I can Smile
[Image: protabl3.gif]
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yea count me in!
sorry not had a chance to sort out ftp yet

looks like no one needs hosting yet?

if anyone does get in touch ill stick it on mine for now

DJFracture Wrote:If i can borrow me mate's mic, then i'll start tonight. Get ready for some ambient Foley action.

Twisted Drums
submitted Cool

how's the overall progress? Smile
cycom Wrote:submitted Cool

and its beautiful! Xyxthumbs

everyone in the thread is a go then and we've got a few more spots. Wink

im right in the placement exam hell here, so ill do an 'official' (ha) count tomorrow...
cycom Wrote:how's the overall progress? Smile

Basically my piece is ready. Just need to rehearse some more and the record it. Grin
littlenemo Wrote:
cycom Wrote:how's the overall progress? Smile

basically my piece is ready. just need to rehearse some more and the record it. :d

Xyxthumbs instruments? pc keyboard? :d
Solo for ring modulator. Nana
littleNemo Wrote:Solo for ring modulator. Nana